Cafe Day with GH or New Anthra hobo???

  1. Hi, I can't decide should I go for the Cafe Day with GH or the New Anthra Giant hobo??? I'm really into the GH at the moment despite going yeuch!!! when I first saw them. I can't decide between the two colours although I'm a bit worried that the anthracite colour is too similar to my Blueberry/Bleu roi 06 day which I already have. I think the cafe might be a better colour and I love the day style, not 100% about the new hobo.

    Anyways this is my current collection

    Black city
    Teal Twiggy
    Blueberry Day
    Caramel Box
    Bordeaux Day

    Please, Please help I;ve got both bags on hold and need to make up my mind soon:confused1::confused1::confused1:

  2. I love the Cafe Day with GH!!!!! I love both colors but the cafe will be totally different from your blueberry and I also I prefer the new hobo in lighter and bright colors.

    Go for the cafe' Day.
  3. Cafe day! :heart: cafe w/the gh!
  4. you made me curious, so I put my blueberry up next to my anthracite and
    anthracite is definitely more in the grey/blue black family - more of a dark bag
    blueberry is, well, blue - more of a bright bag
    they are not that similar, especially if one has GH and other not, and the hobo would be totally different
    I've got to say, the blueberry leather can't even compare to the anthracite, which is just so soft
    I think the Giant Hobo is a cool style, so I vote for that!
  5. anthracite giant hobo!
  6. I LOVE the new Hobo style!
  7. The cafe def!:woohoo:
  8. Cafe Day!
  9. I would say cafe day in GH, but it seems you already have three days! if you just really love the style tho id go for it, cafe is my fave color for the day w/ GH!

    otherwise id go for the hobo for some variation, and anthracite is such a gorgeous color too!

    or get both :graucho:
  10. Cafe Day with GH!!! I love anthracite but I'm just not a big fan of the Hobo...I think it's the U-shape that I don't like.
  11. Personally i love the cafe hobo......;)
  12. Thanks for all your input guys. I spent all day yesterday agonising over this decision (not usually this indecisive). I saw the anthra hobo in person and thought the colour looked a little too dark metallic grey with a hint of blue for me, which was wierd because the RH styles definately looked murky pond green colour. Anyways I figured that with the anthracite I was too close to the blueberry and my black city to warrant its investment. The cafe on the other hand was a dark espresso brown and looked beautiful with the GH. However there are only briefs and cities available in this colour in UK so I bit the bullet and placed the order with Bal Paris. Hope everything goes ok and that it arrives soon and even more that I looooooove it!!!! Do you find that the GH bags are generally 20% more expensive than RH??????? Input anyone?
  13. ^^ congrats on your new GH cafe day :wlae:

    p.s. the GH styles are all alot more $$$ than RH!!!