Cafe' City.....has anyone seen one while out and about shopping?

  1. I'm trading my Cafe' Day for a City, I hope! Does anyone know where I can find one? tia
  2. cracker - My NM has three and all have nice leather.:yes: Let me know so i can have one on hold for you.:heart:
  3. Barney's in Chicago had one yesterday with GH - it was beautiful!
  4. Do they have Classic Hardware? I should've posted that first.

  5. Yes:yes:
  6. :yahoo: Ooooh! How long can they hold one for me? I've got my Day up for auction right now. Have her pick out a good one for me. I like my bags with lots of wrinkles, no marbling......just thick and full of wrinkles and crinkles! Thanks Nanaz, you're awesome!!! :smile: :smile: :smile:
  7. I am going there tomorrow morning and i can pick one for you. I think they can hold it for you for two days.:yes: PM me your name.:love:
  8. Yup, saw the Cafe City this evening at NM Tysons and it's TDF! Good luck, cracker!!!