Cafe Brief?

  1. Has anyone seen a cafe brief around? I'm waiting for turq to come out but I might not get the bag (the waiting list at BalNY is crazy apparently) and I'm sick of waiting for my first bag (even though I've got an oval and a GGH money, it's not the same as a bag) so I've decided to go for an RH brief and Cafe looks so lovely. Please say that you've seen one... :flowers:
  2. check aloha rag .. i emailed them a couple of days ago about their cafe stock and they had a brief

    good luck
  3. Thanks. I called AR but Seiko said that the only cafe brief they had was dry so I called NM after a tip-off from a lovely lovely PFer and they have it! :love: I'm falling more and more in love with the cafe brief because I've realised that turq, though pretty is way too flashy for me in my college setting. People tend to have nasty things to say when they know that you have money so the cafe brief is lovely because it's so nondescript. Thanks so much for the help guys! I'm placing the order as soon as I get the number for my virtual gift card. Such a PAIN that Neiman's does not take Visa. I had to go over the price of the bag so now I have like $40 that I don't know what to do with... Maybe I'll get a JC charm or something. LOL

  4. All of the Cafe briefs I've seen are chewy and yummy! What about a Turq wallet or cp? That would be such a great combo. I think first class posted her new choc. work with a turq. cp and it looked amazing together.
  5. I just got a money in GGH vert foret. I'll be posting pics soon but just wanted to wait till my cafe brief arrives before I post pics because my stupid camera and computer aren't "talking" to each other so everytime I load pics, I have to load all 800 of them onto my computer all over again. It's SUCH a pain. So soon, I'll be posting pics of the money, my truffle oval (oh, she's sooooo lovely) and my cafe brief. As for turq, I don't know. Maybe a city/work if I have enough money? It's getting more appealing now that Bal is raising prices and they're doing more of the GH, which I only like on my accessories. Thanks for all your help! :smile: