Cafe Brief, one of my new purchases - pics

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  1. Ladies i spent way too much on bags while i was away and i just added another one to my Bbag family.:nuts: I have been thinking about the Brief style for a while now and finally decided to get one.:yahoo: I am so glad that i did and i don't know why i kept putting it off because Brief is my favorite style right now.:tup: I was lucky to find a Cafe color with an awsome leather at my NM store on Friday. It is distressed and crackly and soft.:drool: I love it and i know in time it will age beautifully. :graucho:I had promised myself no more Bbags till S/S 2008 collection comes out but could not resist.:nogood: The worst part is letting go of others to keep the new ones.:crybaby:Enjoy the pics.:heart:
    IMG_3525 (2).JPG IMG_3527 (2).JPG IMG_3534 (2).JPG IMG_3539 (2).JPG
  2. Vanessa Hudgens is to be blamed for this one.:rolleyes:
  3. Beautiful! You have the best taste in bags! :love: What is that new one in your avatar. I'm not familiar with a lot of other designers.

    Vanessa Hudgens carries her bbags so well. I have blamed her recently for my PT purchases. Congrats Nanaz on another gorgey bag!:tup:
  4. Love your bag!!! Congrats...

    Cracker: Thats the stripping hudson by Marc Jacobs
  5. Thanks Sweetie, the one in my avatar is Marc Jacobs Hudson bag. I love it. It is very chic and elegant. So different from Bbags. I have decided to have varieties in my collection since i get tired of things so quickly. I also bought a Chanel Silver Coco Cabas and Rebecca Minkoff's Morning After and Matinee bag.:push: Now you see why i have to sell some but i am keeping my GGH Sandstone Work. I just can't let go of that baby no matter what.:nogood: Here is Nicki carrying the MJ Hudson bag. :graucho:
  6. OOPS i forgot the close up pic of the leather.:p
    IMG_3526 (3).JPG
  7. I think celeb pics seriously fuel the fire that's already there in us :yes:

    As usual, you pic the best leathers!!! Enjoy you new style Balenciaga and let me know your thoughts on the RMinkoffs when they arrive.
  8. What a beautiful bag! I also love the Brief style. And I love MJ bags too, especially the Hudson.
  9. nice bag and i love cafe ,Beautiful color :heart:
  10. Gorgeous bag! The leather looks beautiful :tup:
  11. I agree with you but I also think in a way it is good because they inspire us to experiment different styles which makes it more fun.:yes: Remember this pic started the Red saga.:p
  12. congrats! i like your Cafe Brief, MJ Hudson and GGH Sandstone Work even if i haven't seen the 3rd bag!!!
  13. welcome back and ... Gorgeous new Brief!!!
  14. the brief is a great style - I am just waiting for the right one to come along at the right time
    love your other new bags too - you have such a good eye!
  15. I haved drooled over Vanessa Hidgens' brief for a while. I thought that your new one was the same as hers! How absolutely fantastic. I love your diversified new collection. You and I are both very fickle and this way, with a more diversified collection you can express all your different moods and taste in fashion.

    I make my DH nuts w/ all my acces and clothes. Being a Jewlery Designer now though lets me vent my creativity without taking it out on his AMEX as much. However, I know you and I (as well as everyone else on here) will be all over the '08 bags! I am so excited.

    LOVE< LOVE <LOVE<< THe Brief on you!