Caesar's Continuing Saga

  1. Many of you have been following the story of the Christmas Eve miracle dog and I can't tell you enough how much your support and kind words have meant! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I took Caesar to the vet last Friday for a complete check up. The poor baby has hookworms, heartworms, and some other parasite which I don't remember the name of, that he got from a tick bite. We are treating the hookworms and tick parasite but he is too deconditioned right now for the heartworm treatment which I hear is not without risk. The vet wants me to bring him back Tues. so she can sedate him and do a better set of xrays of his left hind leg than were taken at the emergency vet's on Christmas eve, then we can decide what the best treatment--if any--would be. There is a surgery called femoral head ostectomy that would greatly improve his mobility and reduce his pain. She also gave me some doggie pain pills.

    And when I say she gave them to me...she really gave them to me! The total charge for the office visit was less than $50.00!! They waived the visit fee, gave us 2 of the meds--he's on 3 right now--for free and, got the SPCA to go halvsies with the lab charges! I did not ask them for this--they were just so moved by Caesar's story!! In addition the SPCA will be picking up 1/3 of the cost of the heartworm treatment and the vet's office is picking another 1/3. I was struggling not to cry the whole time and when I got Caesar out into the parking lot after the visit, I did cry. I never knew people could be so nice!!

    But the BAD news is...tonight while I was getting ready for work, there was a knock on the door. It was my neighbor from 2 houses down, whom I have never met before. He said he had come to get his dog!!! Apparently, he has knwon for a couple for days that we had him because his "uncle" had seen us with him, and had received the messages from his vet that we found him, but was only just now getting around to doing something about it. As you can imagine, I was devastated. I told him about all the dog's problems as politely as I could---he was aware that the dog had an injured leg but just thought something had "bit" him (!!!!)--and what my DH and I were doing about it. We had already erected a large kennel in our backyard so I took the guy around back to see the dog. Caesar--real name "Rolie"--clearly recognised the guy and seemed happy enough to see him. The guy was also able to accurately describe Caesar's collar (complete with chain:cursing: ), and we actually already knew the dog's name might be Rolie. So...I said, "well, if he's your dog I guess you can take him...but is there any way...we've grown so attached to him..." trying not to bust out crying in front of this total stranger, you know...and the guy said we could keep him! He said it was clear we were giving him a lot of tender loving care and mentioned several times that he himself has little money (I couldn't help wondering if this was a hint but when I offered to "buy" the dog he refused), and that as long as he could come by to visit once in a while (Caesar, not us, I hope), it was OK with him if the dog stayed with us.

    I hope he means it!! I hope that, in the traditional Southern redneck way, he doesn't get drunk and belligerent one night and decide to come back over to get his dog. The vet was very perturbed at how thin and uncared-for this dog was. It truly looked as if he'd been living rough for months. This neighbor seemed to have genuine affection for the dog, and the dog for him, but I just think the dog's condition was criminal. I really think Caesar is better off with us. Is this selfish? If worse comes to worst and the guy decides he wants the dog back I am willing to continue to have the dog treated for his various conditions at my expense anyway, just to give the poor animal a fair shot.

    Wow, this was a long post!! Anyway, please keep those warm-fuzzy thoughts and prayers coming!
  2. OMG you must have been horrified!! You know, if I were in your shoes I might offer the guy $50 or something for the poor doggie and then get a bill of sale that shows transfer of ownership. My fear is that this goofball will come over after you have spent all your time and $$ and want the doggie back. Just a thought. Not that I am a cynic or anything..
  3. ^^^ I agree! You don't need the guy coming back one day and says you are going to be on Judge Judy because he wants his dog back. Be careful.

    BUT, I am so glad you get to keep Cesar!! He is finally in a wonderful home. Keep us updated on his condition.
  4. You are NOT selfish at all!! I dont even know how you can think that because you have been the most generous and loving person EVER, dont think that again!! if you do, PM me and I'll gladly tell you the truth!!

    That is SOO sweet what the vet/spca is doing!!! You definitely deserve it!

    I agree with what Jody said about the bill of sale. I dont want you to lose the dog after everything you've done and will be doing. Plus while I wish this wasnt true, you cant trust everyone's words.

  5. What a moving story! Madamefifi, I hope you get to keep Caesar for good. Keeping both of you in my thoughts!
  6. Yes you really need a bill of sale. I would not under any circumstances anyway hand the dog back to him. I would go and see him again offer him money or anything just so that he signs the dog over to you. Tell him anything so that he signs the dog over, say you need the dog in your name because of the treatment at the vets. Without a bill of sale he could come back at any time, but even if he did do not give the dog back. The vet has evidence of the neglect he has occured, I would also, if you have not done so already take photos of the dog. You must be prepared to fight to keep the dog. Please do not give in and hand the dog back.

    I have been involved in many cases of neglect with dogs, and you have to be prepared to go all the way to win and protect these animals.
  7. Wow! Unbelievable that the poor dog would have so many untreated problems. In a legal dispute the lack of care on their part could tilt things toward you, but like the others said, it could be the best idea to get something signed. I'm so happy for Caesar that hes has people who are doing the right things for him. And how wonderful for the vet and others to donate some of the expenses (nearly all of which would have been avoided if the owner had given the dog proper vet treatment).

    Happy New Year to you and your family, including Caesar!
  8. Well, congratulations on becoming Caesar's rightful mommy! I had a similar thing happen to me about 25 - 30 years ago when I found a dog. To make a long story short, I too, asked the negligent owners if I could keep the poor baby and they too said yes. It was a long and happy life that my new-found friend and I shared. I never had a problem with the owner trying to re-claim the dog. Her name was Cara. I hope you have the same good fortune.

    You and your DH are wonderful people. Happy New Year to you and your pet family!
  9. WOW!! I am soo very very glad you are going to keep Cesear!!!!

    He will clearly be safe and well-cared for with you two. I can't say enough how fortunate this dog was to have found you guys. :heart:
  10. Irishgal, batgirl, jen, etc., we are on the same page--I really feel like my DH and I should get something in writing so that if the guy tries to reneg on his promise to let us keep Caesar we'll have it to back us up in court. I know both vets who have seen the dog would be willing to testify as to his condition as well. My dad is a lawyer--I might ask him to draw me up a little contract. I am nervous about approaching this man, though--I'm afraid he'll get pissed and take the dog. Saich2, your suggestion sounds like a good idea. I can say something like, in order for the SPCA to help defray the costs of the EXPENSIVE treatments the dog needs, we have to have some sort of proof of ownership or something. Any other suggestions on how to handle it delicately would be greatly appreciated!
  11. You do not need a contract, I think that would freak him out. All he needs to do is write on a plain peace of paper that he is giving the dog to you to care and look after. You must try and get him to take money for the dog even if its only a $1, but I would tend to give him a couple of $100 would think if he saw a couple hundred or more in your hands willing to give to him "for all his time and trouble...LOL... so to speak" I am sure he will sign the dog over. I have done this a few times, just be as pleasant as you can, thank him sooooooooo much for doing this, tell him he can come and see the dog anytime (which I doubt he will do). This should work. If the bit of paper reads something like "received xxxxxx for dog of dog..... who I am now selling to ,,,Your name,,.. " and let him sign it. You could also start of by going round their with a say box of chocolates wrapped up as a present to say thank you, then slowly introduce the paper thing, you could have this written out (hand written is best) then all he has to do is sign it. Good Luck
  12. Thanks, Saich2, that is good advice. I was actually thinking about giving them a big bag of dogfood since they have three other dogs, 2 of which roam free and the 3rd of which is chained:sad: in their front yard. My DH isn't shy and he's pretty weasel-ly when it comes to negotiating so I think I'll let him handle it, or do you think it would be better for me to do it since I have already established a rapport of sorts with "T" (the ex-owner)?
  13. It would be better from you, you can be over the top with thanking him, its amazing how you can get away with things by being sweet and polite. I know something I would do once I got the dog and he had signed him over, in a few weeks would report him ( do not know what it is in the US but in the UK its the RSPCA) all calls are done in secret so the owner would not know who reported him, but if you can get in touch with an organisation the other dogs need checking out and that other dog should not be on a chain. Awful. Be careful giving the owner dog food, (as much as you want to feed the other dogs) I would go with a personal gift for him like Chocs, as you are "thanking him" not showing that his dogs need feeding, if you see what I mean
  14. You may be right about the implications of giving him dog food, I hadn't thought of that. The reason it came to mind is because he mentioned that the lady who lives next door to him feeds his dogs sometimes and that my DH and I should feel free to toss some scraps their way anytime, they'll eat anything. That's pretty sad. He also told me they sometimes drag deer carcasses out of the woods and eat them.:throwup:

    Thanks for all the good advice, Saich2.
  15. Your welcome, hope it goes well, I wish you so much luck. Its heatbreaking how these dogs are keep