CADILLAC is a protectant, polisher, and conditioner...

  1. Cadillac boot and shoe care cleans, polishes, protects, and conditions for all colors of leather and vinyl, as stated on the front of the bottle. On the back it states: Unique wax-free lotion cleans, polishes, and protects leaving a soft satiny finish that retards water spotting and cracking. Enhances the life and natural lustre of shoes, boots, handbags, coats, luggage and other leather articles. May be used safely on all colors of delicated kid, calf, glove or smooth leather, reptile and exotic skins, patent, and vinyl. Do not use on suede or nubuck.

    I bought this product because my SA's from Chloe, NM, and Nordstrom recommended it to me to treat any leather bag. I used it on my lg. mousse pocket paddy, gucci bag, and dior leathers.

    I've had great results! No color changes, even when applying as it is a light bag as well, no uneven spots, no weird smells. It's very gentle and non-abrasive. Now, I am tempted to use it on my Balenciaga 06 pale rose city. Has anyone ever used this product on their bbag? Since I'm in a dilemma using Apple Guard (I've heard pos/neg results) :huh: I'm not sure if i should use the Cadillac or purchase the Apple Guard. Any suggestions ladies? Thanks! :smile:
  2. Well there are no mixed results with the apple leather conditioner - everyone agrees it works well and doesn't change the leather color.
  3. I try both on my Bbag...and cadillac doen't really clean my bag...more like a conditioner to me.
  4. Just wondering if anyone has tried using Cadillac on their lambskin B-bags as a protector? I recently purchased a bottle from Norstrom's who recommended it when I went in asking if they sold AppleGuard. I ended up getting the Cadillac to try on my Rebecca Minkoffs and Foley+Corinna bags with excellent results, but I'm a bit hesitant to try it on my Nappa Fendi Spy bag and my lambskin B-bags since the back of the bottle doesn't list lambskin as one of the leathers it safely protects. Any feedback would be very much appreciated! :yes: