Cadet veneta or Tourmaline veneta??

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  1. I like Tourmaline color better as I think this color is easily to match clothing. However, I already have 2 black bags already. As cadet is in blue shade and considering its in lighter shade, wear and tear will be more obvious but the color look nice as well. I have not see before these 2 colors in real but on hgbagsonline site. They are running a promotion code now so can get further discount:P

    I am gathering opinions here before I decide. Please help to input your thought?

  2. Hi! I've seen tourmaline but not cadet.
    Tourmaline is lovely! It is dark but the blueness does shine thru'.
  3. Since you already have two blacks, I would suggest the cadet one. Tourmaline is not black, but's dark
  4. I've been super interested in Cadet, but haven't seen it in person. It strikes me as a blue with gray undertones. Tourmaline is totally classic & gorgeous, but it sounds as if you'd like to balance the dark colors you already have with some lightness that Cadet could offer...
  5. I've also been interested in the color "Cadet" but unable to check it out in person. On my computer, the color looks like a very lovely baby blue on, but a grayish darker blue one on websites such as Which one of them is more true to the color I wonder?
  6. Cadet is an honest light sky-ish blue. Not with the violet periwnkle hue. But a wispy winter sky.

    I think tourmaline is a terrific color. It's softer than black. And I would choose that.

    That said, even though HGBags has a promotion going, it's not worth $100 to settle for a bag where you don't love the color. You might try writing Erica and see if she is getting anymore stock in. For $100 more, you might get a color you prefer even more. And with the holidays coming, she's bound to have another promotion so you might even get a deal then.
  7. I think I wild get tired of Cadet. The tourmaline will go with so many more colors...grey, browns, tans, reds. Much more classic?
  8. Thanks for all the feedback here. I have decided to get the Tourmaline finally as I still think this color will be a classic. I've got a nice deal from Erica at $1200 with shipping.

    Now waiting excitedly for the bag to arrive!:yahoo:
  9. hoha77, please post some pictures of your bag in different lighting conditions. I can't wait to see it.
  10. Can't wait for the reveal!
  11. Excellent choice
    Tourmaline is unexpectedly wonderful
  12. i think you made the right choice. the light blue is lvoely, but the navy will get better and better as it ages. post pics!