Cadenas; only one per year?

  1. I noticed when looking at my H "bible"(those you get of eBay, japanese text on them) and noticed that there were cadenas arranged by year. My question is; if I were to call a boutique and order one, would they only sell that years cadena, or are they sold on the basis of "while supplies last"?
  2. It's a while supplies last or they decide to pull them deal. If you're lucky, you might be able to score previous years either abroad (US, Asia) or at the sales the world over.

    Which one are you looking for?
  3. Thank you Perja! I love the unicorn one and the hippo of those I´ve seen so hopefully they will be found when my ban ends. I guess they pop up on eBay too once in a while but I guess I´d rather get it from the boutique.
  4. If it's the pegasus and the hippo that you are after, yes is the answer. They can still be found from time to time at Hermes stores. If you don't see them at the stores, ask the SAs to hunt them down for you.
  5. Thank you Mrssparkles! I love those pieces. Oh the name is Pegasus, thank you:flowers:
  6. i just got a pegasus this week. the madison nyc store had the pegasus, the hippo, the sailboat and some of the h's.
  7. That was really nice of you hlfinn to share!
  8. You got the Pegasus, it´s so beautiful:love:
  9. i'm actually just about to go to hermès in cph and buy pegasus if it's still there, they had one last week. i could ask them if there are more and if they'll ship it to you if you want?
  10. i can help anyone locate one too. lee at madison's my man! lol
  11. Pegasus is one of my FAVES!!!:love: :love: :love: I hope you get one soon, Nola!
    Pegasus on JPG Birkin.jpg
  12. That´s incredibly nice thank you!!:love: :love: But, I´m on a serious ban implemented by my BF (who is not at all kidding btw:wtf: ) and I can´t buy anything right now. Please post pics of yours so I can sigh again!
  13. Has anyone seen the 2007 Cadena? Is it a "dance" theme? My SA says they do not have it in yet (SCP).
  14. bf is mean! but it's not lv and it's not a bag :graucho:

    anyways, there's at least one more in palladium because she left the display one out and got me a new one, and there at least two gold because there's one on display and she got it out for me so i could compare. i really wanted both :lol: but i got palladium for now. they do ship, and the cadena was 1350DKK but i think the gold one might have been a little more. i might be making that up though. they had hippos in both colours out, and sailboats (but i think viking ship would be a more appropriate description.. i'd really like one that looks like a proper sailboat!) in both colours and one other one which was either a heart or a méditerranée, i can't remember for sure.

    in case you want to be sneaky.. you know you want to :graucho: here are all the details (she gave me a card):

    Østergade 3-5
    1100 København K

    tel: +45 33 11 60 64
    fax: +45 33 11 55 75


    so it's still a birger christensen concession but it's a big shop separate from the rest of it.

    oooh, and picture!

  15. ^That´s gorgeous!!

    You are eeevil:devil: He doesn´t care if I spend money on LV, H or anything, he doesn´t know the difference with them anyways:lol: He just saw my Visa bill accidentally and has now said that all purchases must go through him until I hit the big 0 on the bill. Which is months away:wtf: I´m just studying tPF until then:lol: