Cadenas harming Hermes ??

  1. Do cadena's scratch the leather or the hardware of Birkins and Kellys??
    I love the way cadenas accessorize H bags but I don't want to ruin my bags..
    I would appreciate your feedback and experience..
  2. Minnie, I don't see decorative cadenas being any more harmful than the actual lock that comes with Hermes bags.
  3. So far, no problems.
  4. Nope,... nothing at all. No damage
  5. Can you post pics on where your attach your cadena. Thank you!!
  6. i've always heard something about the locks causing a smiley face on the bags when worn on the turnkey. i have no experience with that, but i guess a decorative cadena could pose the same risk.
  7. Minnie I like the charms that have flat backs if they are going to sit against the bag. The more 3 dimensional ones are cute hanging from the end of a bag like the Bolide.
  8. Thanks everyone I would appreciate pics!!!!
  9. I use cadenas everyday on the clochette/tirette of my birkins including my ostrich and have seen no damage at all.
  10. Sus can you please takea pic ?
  11. They do scratch .
  12. None of my cadenas are sharp so no dents, scratches, etc. on my bags.

    I wear my pegasus this way on my JPG Birkin

    Pegasus on JPG Birkin.jpg

    and this way on my Kelly

    Orange Kelly 32cm.jpg

    I had the harp attached this way on the HAC

    Fuschia HAC 32cm.jpg

    but took it off eventually and attached it the same way the pegasus is attached to the JPG (don't have a pic handy though).
  13. I did hear that some heavier cadenas (hippo, elephant, lion) do dent when worn for a long time attached to the shoulder stap rings.
  14. I have seen the smiley face indentation on bags left by the lock hanging a long time from turnkey so I never put mine there. I think it's okay to have them other places where there is not so much friction. So far so good.
  15. Thank you soo much Irene!!
    I think I might attach mine like you wear yours on the JPG...
    Alegory, how is ruined by wearing it which way??