Cadenas and clochette issue.......

  1. So, is it completely tacky to keep the cadenas that comes with your Kelly on the handle and another one dangling from the clochette? For example....the gold lock on the handle and the gold Harp on the clochette?

    Too much? :s
  2. yes. buy another bag.
  3. There goes that purse ban...
  4. yeah.....I think it lasted all of three days.................
  5. Now come on, guys..........I mean, I put both the Pelican AND the Sun on my Bolide and that doesn't look bad.

    Unless it really does and no-one wants to tell me....................
  6. yes. buy another bag.


    i think the beauty of the charms is their simplicity. 1 is enough. if you have them say next to each other- like both on a chain and then on the handle- it's better than in 2 different places. jmo.

    but seriously, buy another bag.
  7. I think because on the Kelly they would both be in the front, it would be too much. The holder on the Bolide is on the side and the clochette hangs to the front, kwim?
  8. It's like getting dressed...always take one piece off LOL! Oops, there goes the lock!
  9. On the Kelly and Birkin, no, as the charms are all on the front. A bit much. But the Bolide holds its H lock/cadena on the zipper end, so a cadena on the side of the bag on the clochette doesn't present a too-cluttered look.

    But I think the best advice is to just buy another bag!
  10. I agreed with HLFINN, I think one is enough...was struggling with the same as you...then I decided to put down the one with the clochette, and just the hippo on the loop.

    OH ... yes def. another bag ! :graucho:
  11. What wearing a twilly and a cadena?
  12. Has anyone ever put 2 on the clochette to see how they look? The H lock is quite neutral...
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I love it.

    D, I'm very much a less is more gal...I say one bag, one cadena. But not everyone will agree....wear your bags how you like!!!!!:yes:

    NOW....if you bought Pete's Himalaya, you could wear ALL your cadenas at once, and they still wouldn't outshine that bag..........

    THERE'S a thought!!
  14. Agree about the bolide - it can take one on the side and one in front. The kelly just gets the original lock. Sad. There must be some other way to do this!
  15. yes, another bag for you.....