Cadena Thoughts...

  1. OK, since we know 2008 will be Year OF India at Hermes (as it was in 1986), and this will be a year to remember (all the colours and designs!!!!:nuts:) thoughts have turned to:

    What will the Year of India CADENA be????????

    Any ideas?

    Wouldn't you just LOVE a teeny little Taj Mahal??????:heart:
  2. Shopmom eating at an Indian Restaurant and dripping Curry allover herself? :lol:
  3. That would be Amazing!

    Maybe someone riding an elephant?
  4. I love the Taj Mahal. Makes me also a bit sad, as I always remember the late Princess Di when I see a picture of this great symbol of love. Who could forget the haunting image of her with TM in the background and such sadness in her face. Even if it was intentional bad PR for Prince C, I felt for her.

    Anyways, back to topic, I can't wait for the year of India inspired shawls and scarves next year!
  5. it will be interesting. do they come out after new year's, or sooner?
  6. It should be great! I'm surprised they're doing something they've already done in the past though?

    Maybe an elephant...

  7. A Fesdu cadena :p
  8. ^ Excellent!! I'd buy TONS!!

    HH - no, the cadenas are usually released around Feb/March, from memory. The elephant has already been done (as we know - so cute! Year Of Africa), What about a tiger?
  9. Flying Carpet?
  10. Small Ghandi?
  11. ^
    Haha, that would be hilarious.
    Maybe something inspired by hindu religion, a multi armed goddess for example?
  12. Small ghandi. lmao.
  13. How about a magic lantern? Like the one you rub and the Genie pops out of?
  14. lol that would be bad. hellokitty riding an elephant. that cadena might come in pink.
  15. maybe a cow (since they are so highly admired in India) or a bowl of curry, that would be cute but so un-H like lol, more juicy charm, or a taj mahal would be cute but i dont see it happening, plus the cadena hook will ruin it's gorge silhouette