cadena question

  1. Is the 2007 Year of Dance (Annee de la Danse) in Palladium hard to come by? Ive called several stores but they seem to be out of it. What are the most coveted cadenas?
  2. london bond st have at least one, or at least they did this afternoon ;)
  3. They still had them pretty recently in Boston:smile:
  4. They're readily available here too (in and around New York).
  5. Thanks ladies! Vegas, LA and Sf were out of them.
  6. It should not be difficult to get hold of year 2007 charm as it is a recent release. The older issue cadenas are hard to find.
  7. What does the year of the dance cadena look like? I've been wondering about that! Does anyone have a picture? It's not on the Hermes website is it?
  8. Kelly Kelly, it's a carousel horse on a little spinny thingy. It's actually darling, but rather huge. I don't know what a carousel horse has to do with the year of the dance, either, now that I'm thinking about it. LOL Couldn't it have been a ballet shoe? Can you imagine how fast those would have sold out??
  9. Thank you CynthiaNYC-
    I guess I was hoping for a ballet shoe or a ballerina also-sounds pretty though!
  10. now that i think about it.. it is rather strange! what is more strange that a horse was used again when they aready have the pegasus!

    so the question is.. do they reissue these cadenas every year? or do they stop production when the year is done and move on?
  11. Our SG store still has it.
  12. I was told there were "production problems" due to the moving horse and Hermes discontinued manufacturing (this was in Sept. 2007). What they have in inventory is the extent of this year's cadena. Next year's will be a simple cadena, nothing fancy.
  13. Just bought a palladium one at H south coast plaza about two weeks ago. They had one palladium left. They also had the gold, but I don't know in what quantity.
  14. does anyone know what the 2008 cadena will be? thanks in advance...
  15. Lotus Flower and they will also be re-issuing the elephant.