cadena question

  1. hey, i was just surfing eBay and i noticed there are 2 different elephants- one with the screw lock bit like mine and one with the push down. i saw one as being from 1988 and one from 1987. were they made 2 different ways or is 1 fake? i have the screw one....
  2. My elephant is the screw type as well. Have never seen the push down on the elephant...
  3. I have a push down elephant and it came from Hermes.
    Have had it for some time, 5 or 6 years maybe.

    Hope this helps.
  4. remember girls, they sometimes re-release the the shooting star, that has been sent out a few times now.
  5. well that's what i was asking. if it was rereleased and which version is from when?
  6. Yes, get the one with the push down, it's older and rarer!!!!!
  7. I'm looking at that watering can too! It's even rarer than the harp and the lantern!
  8. The elephant is so cute! I was thinking about a Gold hipo but the elephant is so sweet! And lucky too they say..who couldn't use a bit more luck? Cheers!
  9. My dear GF, if you ever see a Shooting Star -- please buy it for me and then you may feel free to charge me whatever you want, ;)!!

    As for the closure issue, I would get whichever type you prefer to use. I know that some people do not like the push-down because they find it difficult to operate and therefore prefer the if both types are available in the Elephant (which is an adorable charm) than get whichever is easier for you to manipulate.
  10. MrsM, if I see any more shooting stars cadenas, I will let you know.
  11. I wish that there was an emoticion of bowing or blowing kisses, !! But Thank You, MrsS...:heart::heart::heart:
    Over the years of collecting I have found a lot of the charms that I have wanted but that has slipped through my hands or I would have been bidding against I simply haven't had much luck with me on my Shooting Star hunt. You are kind just to mention it.

  12. It's not blowing but I like this one MrsM...

  13. There is a gold Shooting star cadena on eBay now.
  14. OOOooo thank you both for the emoticion help and the Shooting Star tip --- I do really want PH you know Baggs, most of my bags are PH, but Thank You for the tip and ...

  15. Well, someone did a BIN even before I got to see it...but you were wonderful even to mention, :heart:!