Cadena or Pocket Square or other..?

  1. Hi Ladies!
    I'll be going to an Hermes store this weekend and was wondering what would compliment my mini Kelly (20cm) better; a GH cadena, or a pocket scarf or anything else? Here is a picture of my bag :smile:

    I am just afraid the pocket scarf will overwhelm the bag as it is so small!

    Thanks for all your suggestions!!
  2. Ladystara, your mini Kelly is gorgeous by itself!

    If I have to choose either one, I'll go for the cadena.
  3. OMG!!!! That bag is stunning all by itself!!!! I think, though, if you'd like a little something to dress her with, I'd get a Pegasus because this is a small and light cadenas compared with, say, the Elephant or Hippo or even the Sailboat. AND you can still find them in the stores......
  4. Hold off on the pocket sq as you can get one locally. Splurge and get a pegasus cadena, you've been wanting on forever!
  5. cadena, for sure.
  6. As much as I love pocket squares I honestly think it will overwhelm the bag.

    I love the ladies' suggestions on getting a small pegasus cadena!!!! beautiful`
  7. Cadena! I think even the pochette would overwhelm the bag! A twilly might be thin enough tho! So you can get both!! HA!
  8. Leave it nekkid!
  9. cadena!
  10. Cadena! A wonderful friend gave me the gold heart, and I just love it! I think something like that would be gorgeous on your kelly! Which by the way, looks fabulous on you!
  11. Very BEAUTIFUL Kelly!!

    My vote would be cadena, or as Rose said....Naked!:nuts:
    Have you tried a twilly?

    Bring her in and try stuff on her, also the SA's may have other suggestions.
  12. Omg it is so cute.
  13. so cute, a pegasus or heart would be lovely or perhaps a twilly, the very small scarf ribbon.

    It's lovely all by itself.
  14. Cadenas!
    Adorable kelly.
  15. :biggrin: I'm so excited about going to Hermes (again) I need to make an effot to visit all the Hermes stores in the world!!
    I will definitely try a twilly (I have the white with red swirls) at home and a cadena!