Cadena Lock and Keys Question!

  1. Hi guys,

    I was trying to open up my Cadena with one of the keys and it would not open! I tried the other key and that one worked- so basically I've only got one working key. They are both the same number (107) but there is a slight difference in one of the ridges of the key. Does this happen??? What should I do? I thought that was wierd and now I'm a little nervous. :confused1:
  2. Try jiggling the non-working key, if that doesn't work, take it in to the shop.
  3. I just tried mine (handbag sitting right next to me) and one of the two was stiff (I bought from Hermes boutique) and I had to jiggle it. First time I've ever tried to use the keys....
  4. I tried jiggling it. It fits in there just fine but won't turn. I think the difference is enough taht its just a non-working key. I'll take it to the shop but I just wanted to know first if this was a simple mistake or if Hermes quality is lacking or if I should be worried and this is something that isn't supposed to ever happen or I don't know! haha
  5. ^^^^^It happened to me, I took it into the shop and they managed to fix it.
  6. Oh good. (I mean, not good but glad it's not just me!) THank you Hermesgroupie and Liz!
  7. Hermes is into leather goods - locks and keys are a sideline!
  8. maybe, before the craftsman tied the keys to the leather"thingy" the keys got mixed up? I'm sure the boutique can take care of it for you.
  9. Oooooh . . . great thread Croissant. I best go check my birkin locks.
  10. good point, Liz. i always get nervous over these things and it'll be on my mind until i get it resolved at the store on Monday. HG, how long did it take for them to fix your keys? Did the take in your bag too? what was the process?
  11. by the way- how do you pronounce "cadena"? you know, so i dont look like an idiot when i go in to get the keys examined and hopefully fixed. and do you think they'd replace the cadena and keys and give me a new set?
  12. Well, when I took my bag in for a cleaning because of some scratches I also mentioned the sticky key. So my bag was in the store for 8 weeks and it cost $80. But if you go in and just mention the sticky key alone, I don't know if that will get fixed faster. I'd call to find out. I'm pretty sure they can fix it, if not, they can get you a new set, I'm sure.
  13. Thanks HG! I called and was told to bring in the bag and lock and keys and they'll take a look. I'll report back on Monday!