Cadena from 1990?

  1. Anyone know what the lock was for the year 1990? This is the year of my DD's birth and I thought it would be nice for me to have a lock from this year.


    ......please don't tell me it's the lantern......:rolleyes:
  2. I don't have my Super Collection with me in the office but I can look it up when I get home. :smile:
  3. Lantern is 1991. I just looked up my reference book and 1989 and 1990 were the 2 years that were not listed! :confused1:
  4. that's all i can find on years and charms
  5. I don't think they did one in 1990....but I'm on it, D!!!!
  6. wheres hermesgroupie?
  7. Thank you, Guys! Maybe they only started with cadenas in 1991????
  8. nah - I thnk they began around the late 80's.....I'm on the case, D!!!
  9. Wow, it seems like nothing for 1990. My super collection shows the following (I take no responsibility for typos - the Super Collection is translating French into Japanese and I only speak English!!):

    1987 - feux d'artifice (no cadenas)
    1988 - exotisme (elephant)
    1989 - vivre la france (no cadenas)
    1990 - aire libre (no cadenas)
    1991 - extreme Hermes (lantern)
    1992 - la mer (pelican)
    1993 - la cheval (pegasus)
    1994 - la soleil (sun charm)
    1995 - la route (snail - this is on my must have list, too)
    1996 - la musique (harp)
    1997 - l'afrique (lion)
    1998 - l'arbre (tree)
    1999 - dans les etoiles (shooting star)
    2000 - premiers pas dans le siecle (H charm)
    2001 - la terre (H with the ball in the middle)
    2002 - la main (hand)
    2003 - mediterranee (map)
    2004 - (heart)
    2005 - (hippo)
    2006 - (sail boat)
  10. wow - I have a palladium elephant cadena...looks like the first issued! cool - thanks, sue!!
  11. ....just my luck......that's ok....DD just pissed me off this afternoon so I'm not too thrilled about finding a cadena to mark her birth date right about now.....:cursing:

    Thank you for your help! You guys rock......!!!!!:flowers:
  12. D - there's some great scarves issued in 1990.......
  13. 1990, ?? thats 16? aww im almost 16 !! yay
  14. Yea....Maybe I can buy one to strangle my DD with!

    ....ok.....just kidding...I love her dearly but MAN the drama at 16 y.o! I can barely stand my OWN drama and then throw hers in the mix and it's like spontantious combustion over here!!!!

    I know.....forget about the cadena's and the scarves.....that's too tame for tough times like these. I think it's time for a little something for S'Mom!
  15. Shopmom, non-Hermes but how about some champagne? 1990 was a great vintage. A magnum of Dom Perignon 1990? It'll also help mellow you out when having to deal with DD.