cadena cost

  1. anyone knows how much a new palladium cadena cost?

  2. I think the carousel is about $225 USD retail but I am not sure exactly.
  3. I believe they sell them on
  4. A few months ago, had both palladium and gold hippo for sale at $295. I believe the carousel costs about the same, although someone posted $280 in other threads.
  5. Prices vary depending on the design......
  6. Price range is different depending on design and rarity. Old-issue cadenas can be pricey.
  7. I just bought the elephant for $285 from the SF store. They also had the pegasus for $185. Hope that helps!
  8. Hi

    Do you mean the charm locks issued each year or the standard H lock that you get with a Kelly/Birkin etc? If the standard lock I paid about 65 Euros for a new gold one so that's about 90USD or £45. I think a Palladium one would be about the same. Hermes don't sell these over the counter and have to order one for you.


  9. thanks cynthia, Rene, Christiflora, CB, pursenality, Mscupcake and Fleurs. looks like i can get the hippo one from the website which is convenient. and i also want the elephant; it is adorable.
  10. Went to Madison today and was trying to find a palladium cadena. The carousel price has gone up...$285.00