Cadbury Black Forest

  1. Does anybody know if they sell this in the U.S. Or is it a U.K. only treat. I am craving some and see lots of Cadbury bars, but not Black Forest ones.
  2. I've never seen Black Forest either. What are they like? Maybe we have something similiar.
  3. Some places in the US sell the UK-only Cadbury bars. Try Cost Plus World Market and any English tea shop. I spent a long time relying on friends in Australia shipping me Violet Crumble before I discovered some places carry it stateside.

    Mmmmm. Violet Crumble.
  4. Violet Crumble! Sweet and airy and quite addicitve. I've only see that one place. I have searching the speciality stores to no avail. I live near Winnipeg, Canada, so if any Canadians know of a store that sells it, please let me know.

    Intlset-Black Forest Cadbury is a chocolate with "cherry flavored jellies and biscuit pieces." I know weird sounding but absolutely delicious and addictive.
  5. I've never seen them here, but I really haven't looked. We have a store called "A Good Taste of Britain", they have a web site A Good Taste of Britain maybe they can ship them to you or maybe they know of someone in Winnipeg that sells them. Good luck!
  6. Thanks so much everyone for the suggestions. I was hoping to find a place I could walk into and buy without the s&h. BUT sometimes one must sacrifices for the things we love :P :lol:
  7. ooh-sounds yummy to me!
  8. woo hoo CADBURYS chocolate!!! woo hoo!!! i've tasted UK Cadburys and New Zealand Cadburys... i must say, UK Cadburys is much creamier than NZ Cadburys - i'm not a big fan of cream or things being creamier... hehehe ***blush***