CAD price of the GST? anyone knows?

  1. thanks
  2. $2200 Cdn. I was looking at it yesterday at the Chanel Boutique in Toronto.
  3. $1825 for Black and Beige

    and the pink (seasonal color) was $1925

    at least this was according to Calgary Chanel.
  4. Anyone knows if they carry the GST in Vancouver chanel boutique?
  5. they should...i had a check done on how many GST were in Canada..there were quite a few black and beige
  6. thanks blushingbaby!
  7. gonna bump this thread bcs I would also like to know the current price of the GST: so is it $2200 or 1825? *1825 was appx. the price I purchased at which was a year or so ago*