Cactus puppies!

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  1. I didn't see any thread about this and I just found them out, omg :heart::heart::heart:, cactus puppies!!!


    Did anybody hear anything about this? When are they coming out? Are they gonna be sold separately? etc.

    :love: :wlae:
  2. They will be blind boxes. So they will be sold separately. I have know idea when they will be released??
  3. Aww noooo, I hate blind boxes. =[

    Well I hope they will offer opened ones for an extra 1$ or something, like they did with the moofia.

    They say 'Holiday 2007', so that's like... christmas?
  4. You're right I guess in December and I just looked on the toki blog and I guess Panik's is taking preorders on them.
  5. What's a blind box?
  6. OMG! they're soooo cute! cant wait!
  7. You don't know which cactus pup you will be receiving until you open it ~ therefore it is a blindbox.
  8. what blackwidow said... but here is my interpretation of blind box...

    evil cardboard boxes that carry things like Dunny and Moofia. you have no clue whats inside and often times get LOTS OF DUPLICATES xD

    usually for me the process goes somehting like this:

    1) im feeling good about this box!!
    2) buys it
    3) opens it
    4) tears open the foil and spots something familiar
    5) :sad: boohoo i got a duplicate
  9. LOL thanks for the answers, bonus for the humor too.:smile: Ugh I would hate to have to go through a blind box process. I would rather pay a little more to assure that I got something I really wanted!
  10. I have been fighting it but I think I may have to start collecting the toys now. :p Did you see the Cactus Cat from Spiaggia too and his girlfriend? So cute!!!!
  11. i can't wait for these, i love blindboxes, there's always so much anticipation, hoping i will get the ones i want.
  12. i hate blind boxes lol... i dont like surprises xD

    vinyl toys = more expensive than tokidoki
  13. noooooo, i didn't! where did you get your gatto spinoso? i need one!!!
  14. They haven't been released yet but you can pre-order one at Panik's Toy Box. :p
  15. thank you! OMFG THE CAT HAS A GIRLFRIEND! the cuteness never ends :nuts: