Cactus Friends Hoodie Fit?

  1. I'm interested in getting a cactus friends hoodie in an mens size, because I've already determined that the womens is going to be way too small for my big busted/hipped self.

    If anyone has one in the mens version, is there anyway you could give me the armpit to armpit, and hip to hip measurments, and maybe the arm circumference? It doesn't matter what size, I'm just trying to figure out what size will fit me before I bid.

    Thanks in advance!! :sos:
  2. do you mean the all over storm hoodie?
  3. yes...i'm feeling slow today. geez.
  4. I have a woman's storm hoodie in xl and i'm 8 months pregnant with huge boobs:roflmfao:and good sized hips. Hahahaha anyway, the hoodie still fits me. It zips up.. barely, but it still zips up. I think the shirts run small, but the hoodies are pretty true.