Cacao, Cocoa, Coo Coo? Reveal and a Question!

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  1. I'd planned to make this purchase later in the year (like May) but a discussion with a SA and some TPF research indicated it might not be around then so I took the plunge.

    Any guesses? Hint - super classic.

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  2. Alma pm;)? Epi:smile:?? Or am i wrong? hehe
  3. Brown empreinte speedy?
  4. You're exactly right! So excited, I love her.

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  5. YAYYY:smile: I'm excited i got it right:smile: hehehe.

    Congrats on the purchase:smile: its very nice:smile: And it sucks that they discontinuing all the things i love now:sad: Wahhhh I'm waiting for my SA to get back to me about a MC piece. Might have to get it today if there is like 1 or 2 left:sad:
  6. Alma PM in Cacao!

    Now a question, her date code indicates she was made in France (starts with FL) early last year. But she has no "Made In" patch sewn into the lining. At first I thought she might be made in the U.S.A. but there's no dreaded cloth tag like my Delightful has. Her paper tag (with the barcode) has FR on it, and I compared that to my MIF Odeon which also has that code with its barcode.

    This is my first Alma - do they not have the made in patch? My Madeliene GM, purchased in 2012, does. Thanks for any help, it's appreciated.

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  7. congrats
  8. Its on the side of the bag. like printed near the ends of the zipper ends.

    Do i make any sense:sad:?
  9. I know! I'd love to know how they determine what to discontinue. The MC line has always been popular - why not refresh it somehow instead of just doing away with it.

    As for discontinuing this Cacao color, I'm sure it'll be replaced by another brown as they've done various browns in Epi over the years.
  10. Yes!!! Thank you so very much! Can't believe I missed that. :lol:
  11. I agree:sad: What a shame. My eldest sister has a few items and i told her. She said her MC items aren't going anywhere. EVER hahaha. Lets see if they stand the test of time:P

    Yeaaa. Thats true. Fawn was a favourite in the 90's and they pulled that from production. I still find it strange thats all.
  12. My little Epi family. It's become my favorite line.

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  13. And your welcome:smile:

    So many people do. First thing when my sister bought he DE Alma in 2010 (Old 1990's model) from the store. I asked where it was. hahaha
  14. You should get first dibs if she ever does decide to part ways!

    Fawn is beautiful! I actually debated going pre owned and getting a Fawn bag.
  15. Love the alma and the black madeleine :smile: