Cabos Piano vs Batignolles Horizontal

  1. my next bag will be either the cabos piano or the batignolles horizontal. does anyone have any pics of these (being worn)? i'm worried that the cabos would get too dirty (the vach. on the bottom). any input is appreciated. :heart:
  2. Honestly, the vachetta on the bottom of the Piano is not a huge deal as long as you don't set it on anything obviously wet or sticky. But you wouldn't do that to bags anyway, I don't think. I have the Mezzo and in the 2+ years I've been using it, it's gotten a couple of small marks on it but nothing major. It's patina-ed evenly.
    But if you're looking for space, I'd go with the Batignolles's got a lot of room and is a great bag. I usually use mine to hold a couple of notebooks when I don't need to carry much else to school.
    Also, the Visual Aids thread has a couple pictures of people with the Batignolles Horizontal being worn..I'm not sure if anyone has the Piano posted though.

  3. Will your Batignolles hold a heavy binder or two and some books? I'm not a student anymore, but my lifestyle as a teacher is similar to that of a student, so I need a durable bag.
  4. I have a cabas piano, I like it, but the straps fall down a lot. If you look at Angelina Jolie pics of her w/her cabas, one of her straps are always falling off. If you can 'hang' w/that then go for it. I like that the bag has a big bottom I can hold a bunch of structured items in it, but if I were a teacher, I would go for the larger mezzo instead or a luco.
  5. It depends on how thick the binder is and how many things you'll be putting in it. If you buckle the sides so the bag is as wide as it can get, you can probably put a binder in it. Or maybe just put the books in it and carry the binder separately. But if you want to put it ALL in a bag, I'd actually go with the Cabas Mezzo..I usually put a couple of heavy textbooks in it and a couple of bound notebooks in it and everything fits perfectly.
  6. elle-mo, I love your avatar! Is that your baby in your bag? :nuts:
  7. I like the BH. IMO the Cabas looks too common.....
  8. Just my 2 cents about the Cabas' vachetta bottom. I have the Mezzo and although I am careful as to where I set it down, it is in great condition. I actually have more marks (faint water spots from unexpected rain) on the straps than on the bottom. When I first got the bag, I'll admit that I was extremely paraniod about carrying it, but now I don't even think about it..I just grab it and go!!!

    Between the Cabas Piano and the BH, the BH would hold more, but if you are needing a lot of room, I agree with elle-mo and LvBabyDoll...consider the Mezzo!
  9. I like the look of the Batignolles Horizontal way more...and it's comfortable on the shoulder and holds a good amount of stuff!!

    Try checking the "clubouse" because there are lots of pictures showing people carrying it!!

    Whatever you decide enjoy!! :flowers:
  10. I have both bags. I too was worried about getting it "dirty". The more you use it, the less you will worry about it. They both are very durable. For everyday, I find the piano to be too small. I would get the mezzo, which i also have, and it's great for work and travel. However it is very large and the more you but in it, the heavier it gets.
    The BH is much better for everyday. I have had it for a year and it's still looks brand new. It can fit alot as well.
    Hope this helps.
  11. Love the CP!!
  12. I love my Cabas Piano! I'm not that worried about the vachetta bottom as I'm just careful where I set the bag down. I loop one strap over the other and it stays on just fine.

    I need zip top bags. I guess I'm klutzy or stuff just leaps out of my bags otherwise, :lol: so that's why I prefer the CB over the BH (which does have snap hook closure but not a zipper).
  13. i prefer the Batignolles Horizontal. the Cabas bags are too common and have been faked a lot. and i don't like the shape of the Cabas bags and the vachetta at the bottom.

    The Batignolles Horizontal is a great everyday bag, and yes, it will fit a binder and books, because i use that to hold all my music for choir and my acappella group -- and i have A LOT of music :lol:. also, the style and shape of the bag is so much nicer than the Cabas.
  14. thanks! you guys are awesome. i think that i have decided to get the cabos piano. i've never seen either bag in real-life. after hearing your opinions, i think that the bh would be too large for me. i like a medium-sized bag.
    i hope santa comes early this year!
  15. I just ordered the popincourt haut...not to big and it closes and it is a shoulder bag...check out the thread on under LV clubs...gorgeous bag...