1. Does anyone like Cabochons? I love Cabochons.
  2. Me too! Absolutely love them, especially large tourmalines, peridots, amethysts. They're perfect for earrings.
  3. I really liked these Laura Munder earrings that were recently up on eBay. The angle at which they were photgraphed causes them to look non-symmetrical.:
  4. I love cabochons in jewelry, too. Here are some pics I found of some nice pieces.
    joseff110.jpg acorncabochonpin.jpg artdecocabochonrubyring.jpg 50213greenbrooch_a1av.jpg
  5. I like Cabs too. In fact, my grandparents used to make jewelry and won several awards for their cabachons ... my grandfather would cut the stones and do the polishing and grandma would do the settings. I love looking at their work and wish I could cut and polish like my grandpa (but I have no room in my house for their equipment).

    I did recently learn how to set cabs and I'm super excited to start doing that. Maybe one of these days grandpa can teach me his skills! LOL
  6. Oh, look at these earrings!
    They're from Union Street Goldsmith. I need to plan a trip to San Francisco!
  7. Do you know you can use Lalique cabochon ring as a scarf ring for a halter top?
  8. I particularly love Art Deco Cabochon rings, like this one :heart: :

  9. I've got a sapphire Cab ring that I just love. It looks so classic even though it's an older ring!
  12. As promised:
    Ellensburg Blue & Diamond Art Deco Ring a.jpg

  13. Oh, that's so pretty. I'll post some pics of mine this weekend. I have to do a work project right now but am just prolonging the agony by browsing my new favorite forum:smile:
  14. Thank you! :flowers: Can't wait to see your jewellery (if you have time - no hurry)! :biggrin: