Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

  1. I'm looking to visit Cabo this summer for a little relaxing getaway. I've never been there before so I was hoping someone had suggestions for a really nice place (hotel/resort) to stay.

  2. If you take me with you, I'll offer up some advice. :yes:

    I really have no idea, but the beach sounds good.
  3. Yeah, I just hope it's not too hot.....
  4. Wish I could remember the name of the hotel I stayed at! It was years ago, the place may not even be there anymore. Try Our hotel was at the end of the beach, the arch looked close enough to swim to.

    It may have been just the time of year I was there (October) but there were these gigantic black moths everywhere. I had to sleep with the covers pulled up over my head for fear one of them would land on my face while I slept. I mean these puppies were HUGE. And GROSS. I hate moths! Also, a lot of lizards on the walls, the ceilings, etc but I don't mind those.
  5. Ewww....I hate any kind of critters. I might have to rethink Cabo.:hrmm:
  6. I'm actually going ot be staying there is August! Can't wait. :yahoo: I've read nothing but good things about it.

    I've also stay at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach and the Playa Grade, both are great for different reason.

    PB is totally if you want to stay at the hotel the majority of them. It's kind of a hassle to get from the hotel to town. Playa Grande is an easy walk to the Marina and around.

    PB is an AMAZING resort and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE staying there. I've had nothing but a 5* stay there.

    Playa Grande is great too, I've just stayed at PB more often! :yes:

    Also make sure you determine what city you want to stay in San Jose Del Cabo, which is where the Cabo Azul is or Cabo San Lucas which is where the other places I suggest are. They are about 30 minutes apart. Cabo San Lucas is kind of where all the action is. If that's what you are looking for, while it doesn't have it to be it just has more to offer. In my experience.

    Check out for good package deals!

    Have fun!
  7. I've been to Cabo several times and have never experienced moths. I've also never been past September.
  8. About 15 years ago we stayed at the Twin Dolphins. I don't know if it's still there. It was one of the first resorts built in Cabo. It's a very small and very quiet resort. At that time there were no tv's or phones allowed. It had a lovely, vanishing edge pool. The rooms (more like small villas) were wonderful.. They all overlooked the ocean but were perched high on the craggy side of the cliffs. It was a very dramatic view with the crashing waves beneath. I'd go back there in a minute, if I could.
  9. I'm totally turning green right now, I want to go there. We just keep going back to Europe this year, but I need a beach (mine isn't the same for some reason). I hope you have a great time and definitely let me know how it was!
  10. If you're a beach goer make sure your hotel is on the swimmable beach (Medano).

    Hotels on Medano Beach (Playa el Médano)

    Cabo Villas Beach Resort - Has 2 new buildings, adjacent to the popular beach bars, swim up bar.

    Casa Dorada at Medano Beach – vacation club, swim up bar, directly behind beach bars

    ME by Meliá Cabo - For the hip, young crowd - plays techno music most of the time, swim up bar. The music is load and late, so don't book here if you want to relax.

    Pueblo Bonito (Blanco) Los Cabos - older, very nice place with an ocean view from almost every room, one pool.

    Pueblo Bonito Rosé - Newer than Blanco - large rooms – one larger pool.

    Club Cascadas de Baja - Very relaxing resort - no TVs or phones in rooms.

    Villa del Arco - Newer resort - Very nice pools.

    Villa La Estancia - Privately owned condos available to rent, upscale, swim up bar.

    Villa del Palmar - Fun for families - has an orca slide in the pool -a bit older though.

    Here is a great wiki map.

    Ther playa grande, the coachariffic reccommended is very nice, but not on the swimming beach. I have stayed there, but hated having to pack up and shlep to beach everyday.
  11. I am going to Cabo in a few weeks and we are staying at the Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas ... I'll let you know how it is when I get back :yes:
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    Just thought I would share a few pics of the trip DH and I took to Los Cabos Mexico over Memorial Day weekend!

    We stayed at the Riu Palace which was all inclusive and really enjoyed it! :tup:

    First a view from our room:


    and another:


    The pool:


    DH and I at the beach:


    Cabo at Sunset ... or is it Sunrise? LOL!!! I forgot, but isn't it beautiful? *sigh*

    <a href="http://[​IMG]" target="_blank">[​IMG]
  13. omg is gorgeous! i have always wanted to go there, but havent really gotten an opporutnity yet. i totally love the beach so it looks like my kind of place haha.
  14. Monkeygirl - definitely go there if you get the chance! It was heaven!! Just PERFECT weather every single day!