Cabby vs. Palermo


Does the cabby and palermo look alike?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Who cares? Get both!!!

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  1. I currently have a black denim neo cabby mm and am waitlisted for the palermo. After seeing the lookbook in person, I'm a little hesitant as they do seem to look alike. Your thoughts?
  2. Similar shapes but totally differnt looks. I think you'd wear them with different outfits. Cabby seems more trendy and Palermo more understated, classic, eleant. Since you like the shape and the style of the Cabby you'd prob. make use of the Palermo. However, the structure of Canvas may give it a different feel (no slouch). Try it on and write us a good review comparing the two.

  3. I can't wait to see it IRL! Then I will let you know! ;)
  4. I guess they do both look alike in shape and design but the Palermo will be more affordable than the Neo Cabby. I like that they both have shoulder straps and handle/straps!!! Best of both worlds!!!

    I'm waitlisted for a Palermo but not sure if I'll get it as it's still a similar shape to the Cabas Mezzo which I recently purchased pre-owned (got a great deal!!).

  5. Totally Agree!!
  6. Is there a picture of the palermo anywhere?
  7. This is the post that shows the look book. I see what you mean, similar but the fabrics are very different. I like the double carry system. Used to have this for many satchels but I like the shorter shoulder strap, looks nicer and doesn't get in the way.
  8. I have been hangin out in the Chanel forum a lot so I'm not familiar w/ the Palermo.

    Can you post a picture?
  9. pICS
  10. Get Bolth.
  11. Get both!!!! There's enough differences between the 2!
  12. i would keep yourself on the waitlist and wait to see what you think of it IRL when it comes out
  13. If you can, get both!
  14. Get Both!!!!
  15. here's some pics from Label Addict's f/w thread: