Cabby has been retired...

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  1. i've used my neo cabby for 6 straight months. it's finally getting a rest and cabas piano is taking its place. do you ever feel like you've used a bag TOO much? i was worried my cabby was going to look ragged if i kept on using it on a daily basis lol. :shrugs:
  2. i feel the same way too...not about the cabby though I only wish to have that bag! I do however rotate all my bags, at least after 2-3 uses, I always fear of it looking worn out, or the patina getting super dark or dirty!
  3. aww the neo cabby is great isn't it?!! i let mine rest for the holidays. I used her straight for about 2 and half months before that.
  4. I rotate a lot, but that's a nuissance so I want to get something like a damier speedy that can take real life!
  5. I feel that way about my mono alma! I'm so afraid of the patina getting too dark or dirty looking! After I've used her for a week straight I feel like I need to give her a rest to "save" the vachetta, LOL!!
  6. I try to rotate my bags daily

  7. IT IS!!! it is by far the best purchase i made in '07. i used my other bags here and there, but cabby is the one i used the most. :smile:
  8. I go to school everyday so I feel like I use my backpack way too much lol :p It's only a LeSportsac that I've owned for a few months and the shoulder straps are already starting to pull away from the nylon :wtf: I know I should really have a Jansport (great quality, cheap, blah blah blah) but they're just so ugly and mundane. Ugh sorry for going OT!
  9. This is how I feel about my mini lin speedy. I need a new LV bag soon. I'm hoping to get the Azur speedy by February.
  10. Wow --- your Neo Cabby sure was a workhorse the last six months! It has really served you well! It must still look fantastic though!

    If I had favored one bag for six months over the others, I think I would feel bad that I neglected all my other purses --- lol --- since I usually try to rotate on a daily basis or at least every 2-3 days. The most time I used for one bag, the bordeaux Mirage Speedy, was two weeks, after which time I felt I had to give this baby a rest.
  11. I understand what you felt!
    neo cabby needs rest little while.....
  12. When I first read the title, I thought you meant that the Cabby had been discontinued! :p

    Well at least now your Cabby can rest for a little bit. :p
  13. I try to rotate my bags but I am sometimes too lazy to.

    Glad that you love your cabby...
    I find my cabby GM too heavy!
  14. im just too lazy to change bags. although i know i should. ive been using my balenciaga straight since i got her in early nov. everytime i tell myself to switch, i can never bring myself to put her away.
  15. I try to rotate bags too, but I have to admit my neo cabby does get quite a workout. She is wonderful isn't she?:love: