CABATS- Are some chevre and some napa?

  1. Hi, I am not too familiar with the cabat bag, as to colors and sizes..but I have noticed in some threads that people are mentioning that their bag is made from chevre( goat) ..I have always thought that they were napa? Are only some colors chevre and some colors napa and if so which colors come in each leather? prices?
  2. I believe certain metallics and colors such as Ottone are made in chevre. I know that nero and ebano are in nappa, and the noce is nappa umbria
  3. Bunkie is right. Classic colours tend to be nappa/nappa umbria though BV also makes seasonal colour in these (like Old Petra for S/S'07). Goat (chevre) would be more expensive than nappa/nappa umbria.
  4. And Cabats also come in exotics like lizard. Not sure abt croc. Possibly.
  5. ^Yup, there was a Croc Cabat for S/S 07 for 58000 Euro!
  6. thanks everyone..and I think the crocodile cabat for 58,000 Euros, or almost $87,000 is the ONLY one for me..put me on the waitlist! LOL !!!!!!!!
  7. Nappa, nappa umbria, patent leather, vachette, chevre, ostrich, lizard, and croc.
  8. i have a lizard cabat ordered, due to arrive in May! Can't wait!
  9. ^Oh, wow! PorscheGirl, it`s good to have you back again, and with such big news that is!