Cabats - all the oooohs, ahhhhhs... but what about blahs..... nays..... and nahs !!!

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  1. OK, we heard so much of the wonderful Cabats.
    Let's now be ojbective - what is it about the Cabats that wasn't so fantastic - other than the hideous price!

    Cabat lovers - you are not about to throw stones at anyone, ok!

  2. the not so great, in my opinion-
    very open and unstructured so things tend not to stay put.
    i keep my things in smaller accessories and sometimes they fall over and stack instead of staying in a row which i find annoying. i'm trying the purseket to see if that helps.
    the drop is a little tight with a winter coat.
    even still i'm dying for something in a large but it's so expensive.
  3. mlbags - I guess the small number of replies versus the number of views speaks for itself. Cabats rule!
  4. I totally agree with annie9999. The meduim cabat is priced some 40% more than the mini; and as my 13 year old son quipped last week, "you don't need a basket to carry in the winter!". :smile:
  5. Personally, I've never cared for this style. :shrugs: I know BV is all about "understated," but the Cabat is just too plain for my taste, particularly for the price.

    To each her own, of course. We all don't need to love the same bags, lol! :rolleyes: There are plenty of bags I see on tPF that I don't care for, and I just don't comment on them.
  6. Even though the cabat is woven with basket weave...I really don't think it looks like a basket...but the original inspiration is from the baskets that women use to grocery shop in the European food markets though...

    I guess the only down side is that the handles can't really fit over thick winder coats and that sometimes you need to fish a little and struggle with the wide opening when you have only one free hand to retrieve something from your bag...another thing is that calf, which is only used for mine cabat, can get heavy compared to the regular nappa...but it is still lighter than a loaded 35 cm birkin
  7. Honestly, the style does not appeal to me as a handbag.
  8. the only concern i have is that it doesnt come with a closure but that can be fixed easily.

    no, i dont really have anything bad to say about the cabats except the price! but i think it's all worth it :smile:
  9. Lovely bags but just don't look right one me. The shoulder drop was too tight on the medium. I tried tucking the sides in but they just kept pinging out everytime I opened the bag. Too open and unsafe for me (i've had a wallet lifted from my bag before so I'm very wary!! I prefer my bags to be more secure but I can fully understand everyone elses love for them
  10. I love them, but I would probably never buy one because of the open top. It would be a great bag for travel though - I can imagine it being suitable for a blanket, a book and some chocolates when you traveling by plane.
  11. I :heart: the Cabat, especially the Large size... The only gripe I have against it would be the price :crybaby:
  12. These are such beautiful bags,I love the feel of the leather.I have seen them in the boutique and at NM Can any tell me what the price range is for a cabat?
  13. - Floppy and no secure top closure
    - Corners get raw as they are very sharp
    - Double basketweave allows for exposure to where the "strips" are glued together (I wrote a post on this once as I had to exchange my first one, pics here and I think if you picked on it with your fingernail it would actually come off
    - Due to the high price I paid for it, I don't wear it that often. The design makes for a versatile and everyday bag but I cannot get myself to treat it like one

    Otherwise I love it!
  14. Drop could be a little lower, but since i rarely wear a heavy coat here in La-La land, it's not much of a problem for me.

    Brass plate on inner purse tarnishes.

    But it's still my favorite BV style for fabulous simplicity, wears like iron, and I use it as my everyday purse! :tup:
  15. toonie, you've seen them at NM? I was told that department store are not allowed to sell them :confused1:

    The classic colors is $4700 for a medium and $5800 for a large...they are so beautiful and luxurious, once you get it, you'll never regret it :P