Cabat v. Cocker (I know these bags are SO different!!!)


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Apr 17, 2008
Love this forum. Can't get enough of it, I'm going to be on all night at this rate! :P

I have never bought online before, only retail, so I'm a little nervous. A friend told me about this forum and to just find good bags through y'all and I'm safe. As I said on the Balenciaga page - I really hope I still get that run-home-so-I-can-rip-open-my-new-package feeling that I get when I leave the boutique...

Anyway, back to business:

These awesome prices online, I may buy one or two tonight! I am eyeing these two--

Chocolate Medium Cabat (Been wanting this for sooo long)

Black Cocker

To find a Cabat for under retail seems pretty amazing to me, and I would love a big slouchy bag for the summer.
But the Cocker is so functional, and they sold out before I could get one at the store and I haven't seen them this season...

Any thoughts? They're such different bags, pretty hard to compare, I know.


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Mar 27, 2007
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I'd say get the Cabat for the summer, then buy the cocker for the fall/winter. :graucho: The pink Montaigne is really pretty.. but the color looks super light.. and I've heard that color transfer could happen if you wear it against jeans.


Sep 24, 2007
I do not own a Cabat, only a cocker. The cocker is now my favourite BV bag (I also have a Veneta and a Sloane). It is really user friendly because of the side pockets, and the black cocker is such a classic bag. That said, I think cockers are easier to come by online vs. the cabat - so you may want to grab the cabat before it's gone........

PS. The last I looked, Bluefly had a nice cream cocker sitting there!


Jan 2, 2007
The montaigne is super cute for summer but I would also worry about the light colouring and I'm sure that it would get dirty pretty easily. If your only planning on buying one BV, I reckon the cabat should be it because it is THE iconic BV it does not have a very secure opening but a lot of pfrmers use zip pouches to get around this. Good luck and let us know what you decide...


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Apr 17, 2008
I'm leaning Cabat because of what Minda said, it's true, I've seen Cockers around before.

This is so exciting, this will be my FIRST BV purchase outside of the boutique! I'm nervous -- but I was planning on paying like $5000 for the Cabat so this is a great deal!!!

I have to think...I am leaning Cabat though. But that Cocker is so classic..oh no.


Oct 21, 2007
Vancouver, BC
First of all, welcome to the BV forum NYCBAGS!!

How about getting them both?!?! I agree that both are awesome bags and the fact that they are both there on Portero right now tells me it was just meant to be for you...

And then there is the Montaigne... anyone here will tell you that I am a huge fan of the Montaigne - I have four of them and am working on a fifth. I love them in every colour I have seen - and I even have a Montaigne in bianco (pure white) - although I have been too scared to use it yet (plus can you even carry a white bag before Memorial Day/after Labor Day)?! But all that being said, I think that magnolia (light pink) like the Montaigne on eBay is particularly difficult to keep clean, even among other light colours, and also I recall reading here that it is also not a colour that BV can do much with when you do get it dirty (unlike some other light colours, like bianco). And then there were some pictures circulating of, I think, Denise Richards with a horribly dirty magnolia cabat... I suggest you search the BV forum for "magnolia" and you will probably find all of this - and therefore unless you are really careful with your bags the magnolia may be a bit too finicky. But don't count out the Montaigne in different colours, even if magnolia won't work for you!!!


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
I can't explain it, but I've never really liked the Cocker. But in any brand, an "East/West style" just doesn't do anything for me. I would not hesitate on the Cabat. It is the classiest BV, IMO.
Dec 6, 2005
I say Cabat, but whatever the question my answer is usually Cabat! LOVE this style, not so into the Cocker. Welcome to the PF!!!


Jan 29, 2006
Obviously you should get the cabat... even though it's pre-owned, the reduced price can't be beat...especially since the cabat never goes on sale...even for the employees I can probably find the cocker on sale from discount websites like bluelfy and such but never a cabat!


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Apr 17, 2008
Well, it's settled!

I'm getting the Cabat!!!!

My first online purchase, still not ready to bid, I'm going to call them and see if I can just buy it over the phone (I'm such a wimp!)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this FORUM! I usually ponder my purchases AT LEAST a week haha, this is a record 24 hours.

Maybe I'll get a Cocker in a few months.

And BookerMoose- I know everyone is going to say I'm old fashioned, but I won't carry a big white bag before memorial day. I just bought a white Tod's New (Neo? Whatever) D-bag in bright white, it's been in the dustbag for like a week, it will come be out on Memorial day!!!

(I did carry a stunning white Chanel timeless clutch in the winter, that's my one exception, when there is snow on the ground I will carry a white clutch)

Ahh! Can't wait - no more typing I have to call them!