cabat in pink or purple?

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  1. hi guys:P!! I'm new to BV and I have a question to ask you BV experts:confused1:
    I fell in love with "Cabat" a few days ago, and I'm trying to decide what color to get. I did some research online and found out that famous veneta bags did come in purple and pink.
    so my question is, did cabats also come in purple and pink:confused1:? if they did, I'd love to get a cabat in one of those 2 colors.

    thank you in advance :smile::smile::heart:
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    If you go to a BV store, you can see all the colors that cabats come in. If you don't see a color, and they make another bag in the color you want, you can special order a cabat in that color.
  3. Hi jamiee and welcome to BV.

    The Cabat did come in a wonderful colour called Old Petra, something I would describe as Rosewood. Pics of Pamela Anderson with hers can be found in the Celebrity sticky thread.

    But keep in my mind that the Cabat is a Limited Edition bag that is only produced to a certain amount in one color, so the Old Petra ones are pretty much long gone by now. There is going to be a wonderful red called Tea for next the next resort colleciton though! doloresmia posted pics of it!
  4. you guys really are the experts:tup:
    Thanks PorscheGirl & C_24!!

    I guess I'm gonna have to wait for red cabat :drool::drool: