Cabat at Bergdorf

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  1. Hi,

    Did you see the Cabats at Bergdorf website? I am not sure if they are brand new though. But I dont think BG are selling pre owned.

    Also, does that mean that we wont be seeing the Cabat anymore next year?
  2. They are previous season Cabats. For example, the Scarabeo one is eight years old and the Memory Cabat is from I think 2012? 2013?
    Perhaps BG is partnering with the resale sites like some other department stores have done.
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  3. For 6300, I think it is really a good deal though. And tax free at CA. OMG!
  4. The Scarabeo is so pretty!
  5. I doubt they are pre owned or er sellers but coukd this be a sign that the Cabat will be phased out OR that they will make it more widely available... one can hope :smile:
  6. The BV website is confusing in that it appears that some of the Cabats that seem to be medium in terms of the old measurements are listed as large. Some of the same size are “medium”. Maybe they are rethinking the sizes? They’re showing the men’s Cabats frequently on instagram so I don’t think they’re being discontinued.
    Side note: Even the pom poms are growing on me.
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  7. Yeah they are really pushing the men’s cabat this year. I just don’t like the colour combo and magnets.

    Kind of looking forward to seeing what direction te brand will go under Daniel lee but I hope it will continue the legacy of TM.
  8. Wow, I’m surprised to see the Cabats now available for purchase on the BV website. I must have missed when they started doing this! It does seem confusing about the sizes. Sometimes called “large tote” and sometimes “large Cabat” when the photo and dimensions (and the item number) refer to the medium Cabat.
  9. I guess now that Tomas is gone, BV had decided to sell Cabats in Department Stores. Exactly the type of over-saturation of the brand/bag he didn't want. According to an article in The New Yorker several years ago: "Despite the pleadings of Bergdorf Goodman and other retailers, he refuses to sell the bag anywhere but at Bottega Veneta stores."

    I mean it's not like a Cabat was that hard to get - you could essentially walk into any boutique and buy one, or have one transferred from another store if it was available.
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  10. My thought was they might also be selling off slower moving inventory. I think all the Bergdorf Cabats are large and some from previous seasons. With the small bag trend, maybe the larges aren’t sell as well as they once did and Bergdorfs is better than other options. It doesn’t seem like Bergdorfs has the newer styles or colors.

    I hope Tomas finds a brand that appreciates him.
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  11. They are all sold out now.