Cabat alert!

  1. Wow! Nice!!! Love the colour!
  2. Quick! Somebody buy that for me :roflmfao:

    It is beautiful. I really like the silver/black mottled metallic leather!
  3. Are the bags authentic? The cabat is beautiful. If someone buys one for jburgh will they buy one for me too? The price on the large campana is a steal.
  4. ^I'm sure that they are authentic, I've read about this site on the Chanel forum. Is this the peltro colour from a few seasons ago??
  5. So pretty - a Cabat is my DREAM BAG!
  6. WAIT!!!

    OMGAWD. I can't believe I didn't see this earlier!! This is my dream bag! The holy grails of all holy grails!!!! But it's soooooo expensive!! :hysteric:
  7. btw, there is a gorgeous medium ottone cabat on display in the bv store at paragon. so if you are in singapore, swing by and take a look if interested!
  8. ottone cabat!!

    wah!! do you know how much is it retailing for, aca?
  9. We never even get to see stuff like that in Canada. It's SO frustrating. They buy the most basic of bags in the most basic of colours. Nothing new since fall and even then, the only adventurous bags they got were the stud stamped Veneta and the club striped Montaigne. Better for the finances and all but still!
  10. Hmmmm.... might just swing by on Friday afternoon to have a look since I am on leave anyways!
  11. hey kopibaby, i was too scared to ask the price, in case i got tempted to buy one! but i think it's in the region of sgd10,000.

    triggerpuff, can you please do us a favour and ask about the price if you swing by tomorrow?
  12. aca, sure, will ask the price. If I am not wrong, for a large cabat, they're going for SGD9600, not more than 10k. The medium ones go for slightly over SGD6k. Will update if I do drop by tomorrow. Anyone wanna join me? :smile:
  13. thanks heaps, triggerpuff. what time are you intending to pay bv a visit?
  14. no firm time as yet... as i have a few errands to run prior and need to get my car serviced. probably just before dinner i suppose, or maybe after i pick up DW from work.