1. I've found this model in the web, i looked for it here in the forum but i didn't found it (maybe it's me :p) do you know something about it? price/measures? Someone out there is a proud mummy of a cabas? :heart:
  2. I've never seen this bag before so I'm not any help. :shrugs: I really like it though, somthing diff from the moto style. I think I saw something similar on bluefly and thought it was really cute.

    Anyone else know about this one?
  3. There is a picture on Matches website of this bag in black. They dont call it a Cabas though so you need to search under balenciaga bags. This should give you more details. Looks fab by the way.
  4. I saw this on Bluefly one day... :yes:
  5. Thank you gals! :flowers:Yes i've seen it also on bluefly in black and i think is lovely