Cabas Vs. Baby Cabas

  1. If you could choose from those 2 - what would you get? I really need a Cabas - I am completely in love after having seen pics here on PF :nuts:

    I am only 5"1

    And is it possible to find one at all? (prefer from Europe because of tax and duty) :confused1:

  2. OMG, tough choice, although i love original cabas caviar, i hadn't got a chance to own it and i purchased a baby cabas adn although i loved it, i still can't stop obsessed with having an original. :yes:
  3. I have the baby Cabas in black and teal..They are THE BEST BAGS EVER!!!!
  4. i absolutely all over baby cabas!!!!it's cuter for me w/ the quilted bottom:p
  5. Baby Cabas for me :smile:
  6. I like the baby cabas more!!
  7. pokus41, i just realised u're 5'1"
    here's reference of me, i'm 5'4" with my baby cabas and large original cabas vinyl which is i presume the same size with the original caviar...



    hope this helps to get u the size perspective :yes:
  8. Someone with both needs to answer - I have an original and was told that the baby with the quilting is a little heavier and more structured and stiff. The size might be the determining factor as the baby is smaller than even the smaller original.
  9. I think you should go for the baby cabas!
  10. The baby is cuter to me.

  11. Not sure what you mean by that.

    To my understanding, there is a large and extra large vinyl and leather cabas.

    So is there a small cabas and a baby cabas as well ?
  12. My understanding, in the original cabas - there is a large and an extra large; and the baby cabas is smaller than the large original. I could be totally misinformed. Experts please chime in - any SAs?
  13. I prefer the cabas. I want one myself and am waiting until the hype goes down so I can buy one on eBay for cheaper.
  14. Um....I ever try a Vinyl Cabas and I realised that it is too big for me so I didn't buy it. Later the baby cabas was coming and I think it is a great size for me so I go for it.
  15. I have the khaki baby Cabas which is stiffer than the regular leather baby Cabas bags. The khaki has a metallic finish and doesn't slouch like the matte leather bags. It is plenty big but not what I would consider oversized like a sack. It is a favorite Chanel - indestructable and worry-free!