Cabas: Vinyl, Denim or Caviar?

  1. Looking to buy a cabas, but can't decide on the material! :push:

    What do you guys like?
  2. I prefer the caviar.
  3. caviar, absolutely!
  4. I would definately get the caviar if all 3 were in front of me. But I ended up with the vinyl because I didn't want to wait, and it's really hot. (garbage bag look-a-like and all.)
  5. Caviar!
  6. Caviar!!
  7. I really like the caviar.

    Denim seems like it will be more of a trend and I personally don't like the vinyl at all.
  8. caviar, absolutely!
  9. Caviar all the way.
  10. caviar, but i also love my "trashy" vinyl LOL
  11. Caviar!
  12. caviar! but i also love the vinyl.
  13. Haha, looks like Caviar is it! Thanks ladies! :biggrin:
  14. Definitely caviar! Good luck on your search!!
  15. caviar for sure! more timeless; i think the other materials are too trendy