Cabas Stitching Repair

  1. Has anyone sent their Coco Cabas to repair due to stitching problems?

    I used my bag for about a month and stitches were coming undone in two different places. I tried to tie a knot to stop it in one spot but the other thread kept unraveling. Took it back to Chanel and they told me it will be 2-3 months before I get it back since they have to send it to Paris.
    Just wondering if anyone else had their cabas repaired and if it really takes 2-3 months. Was the repair done very well and have you had any problems with it since?
  2. I had stiching unravel on my large Cotton Club Tote so now I rarely use it.
  3. Oh my!! That is horrible. I have taken my bags in for repair for a few different things but not stitching. I was generally quoted 2-3 months but always received my bag back more quickly. Hope same happens for you!
  4. I had that happen with my baby cabas after only using it ONCE!! They didn't charge me for the repairs, but it took about a month I think. I just had some more of the stitches start to unravel, and since I am decent at sewing, I repaired them myself. I actually think that my work looks BETTER than the professional repair. The professional repair didn't turn out all that great IMO . . . you can tell that it was repaired. I still love my bag, but I won't buy a chanel with that kind of stitching ever again.
  5. Well, I had to get my Cloudy Bundle repaired. The leather was lose behind the rivit where the drawstring is.

    I brought it back to Saks the 28th of May, and still have not gotten it back. They also told me 3 months.
  6. Oh Michele, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope your Cloudy comes back good as new!
  7. i am actually getting depressed over the quality of Chanel these days
    i ADORE the Expandable but will not buy it because to me, its stitches look like a problem waiting to happen

    if the baby cabas stitches, which are smaller and tighter than the Expandable, have unraveled, who's to say what will happen with bigger stitches?

    i hope you girls get your repairs done fast and perfectly, and those who returned your bags, get something you love even more that's damage proof!
  8. Thanks Roey, I kept on tucking the leather back behind the rivit, but it kept on comming lose so the point the rivit would be buried, and you could see a leather whole where the rivit should be (kinda hard to describe).

    Anyway, I am sure it will look fine when I get it back. It should not be much longer. I really miss that bag.
  9. iluvhandbags that makes me sad thinking maybe i could have done a better job and not had to send my bag out for 2-3 months. the threads were very thin too and shredding. the part that kills me is i baby my bags and never use them more than once/twice a week since i switch them out often so i can imagine what the stitching will look like 2 years from now. thread was coming undone on one of the chain straps too.
  10. Am so sorry to hear about your bags falling apart girls. But for the price we pay for these Chanels, one would think they are of the best quality. sigh*
  11. I had the stitching come undone on the Cabas where the chains meet the purse...bag literally fell off my shouldar..after about two weeks of getting it last year. I took it to a shoe repair place and they stitched back up in a few seconds. I probably violated every rule about owning a Chanel but I was thinking that Chanel repair would have done the same thing AND make me wait three weeks to get it back. I needed the instant gratification.

    This is second handle issue I have had...I had one of those large totes (can't remember the name of the line but the handles look like the new puffy cotton line where the handles are soft an a small chain wraps around them) from a few years back where the straps stretched out so much so that it was uneven and looked awful. I took the bag was so disappointing. The Chanel boutique in my city took it back without question.

    I hear you on the quality issues though....for this amount of money, we ought to be able to use these bags and actually put something in them...
  12. Wow I haven't had any problems with my cabas yet and I tend to overstuff it with my things. I guess it just depends on the quality control. I really think if you pay that much for a bag it shouldn't be falling apart like that at all! And that wait time is ridiculous!
  13. I was worried about the same thing when I just bought my new season expandable, but the SA showed me that there was actually double stitching on the bag and unless you really knocked it about the stitching shouldn't really snag, so I bought it, I hope that it stays secure.
  14. ohhhhhhhhhhhh Syma...thanks for that info! now, i am thinking twice about that gorgeous gorgeous Expandable..............:yahoo:
  15. I brought my teal baby cabas in for repair to Chanel 57th St. 3 weeks ago. They told me 6-8 weeks. I wore it only twice and a stitch popped right in the middle on the front of the it wasn't caused by rubbing.

    My girlfriend had a black baby cabas which she wore almost every day for a month. Stitches popped in a couple of places. She called Chanel's 800 number and sent it back to them. They told her it couldn't be repaired and they gave her a credit.

    Is there something wrong with these cabas bags? I thought it odd that my girlfriend's and mine had problems at the same time, especially at these prices.