Cabas Rayure in NM Catalog

  1. Just thought this was interesting to note. I don't recall EVER seeing LV anything in an NM catalog. They are displaying a belt and the handbag. Is that unusual? They are always including Chanel in the books.

    I guess it's not earth-shattering, just an observation.

  2. I've seen a few select pieces in the NM books, although it's not common. They NEVER list the price, but always mention that it's available if you contact the store. You can't order their LV pieces online. The last one I saw was the Denim Neo cabby a few months back...
  3. Wow, you're right........I'll have to look at the catalog!
  4. I was surprised to see this too!
    It's kind of nice though, I know I like when Saks puts different Chanel bags in their catalogs, since there isn't much of a place for reference on those.