Cabas Raye Gm...thoughts needed!


Feb 1, 2006
:heart:Talk to me ladies. I recently purchased this about a month ago and it STILL sits in my closet!! I think its gorgeous, I can not figure out why I have not carried it yet! I do kind of let things sit and then I will pull it out one day and I carry it like crazy. I did that with my white Gucci boston bag. It sat for over a year and then you could not get it out of my hands!! I wonder....if I do not carry it for quite some time will it look "last year" or "tired"? I always carry what I like HOWEVER, I wonder if maybe I could buy something else that I would carry more NOW. What do you all think of this bag? I also think it would be a great baby bag whenever I do have a baby. Any thoughts would be great. THANKS!:heart:
Ha!!! You are funny! I thought....maybe I just bought it because I love the damn charms so much!! (sad, I know, spend that for charms!) anyway, Im so in love with my Fersen right now that I want to buy the silver one too...I dont know...I just hate having things sitting in my closet...just sitting.
You are so right...what to do, what to do....Im going to try it out tomorrow and see how I feel. I think Im so in love with my Fersen that I will just not like it so much! Now I feel like a loser. I always feel badly when I buy a bag and not use it.
I really debated getting this bag...a couple of're right those charms are super cute! I love the 'sections' to...but I ended up passing on, something I just couldn't put me finger on it.
I didn't buy the PM when it first hit the stores and then last month they got one back in and I got it. Mind you, it's still in its box. I love the charms and the fabric but the "right" time to wear it just hasn't materialized. I can't bring myself to return it because I kicked myself when I didn't get it the first time. I say keep it. It's way too cute.
I actually know exactly how u feel..LOL...My cabas sat for months in the purse closet UNUSED.THEN my last few flights..I finally broke her in..I adore it now.I use the cabas alot and its the best flight bag,Its great if u travel alot.I use the front pocket for passport and tickets.
However I must say I did take the charms off for travel..LOL..I was afraid Id set off the security alrms with all that metal..heehee
Although I love my Cabas, it can get pretty heavy! The charms on it are beautiful but I'm alays afraid it's gonna get caught on something. I've taken mine out 3 times just to take it out but it's not one I can take out often. It's pretty bulky and once you put things in it, forget it! But I love it too much to let it go just yet.
I have taken it out of the closet, Im getting closer!! lol I do travel ALOT so maybe I will try it then. I leave again Thursday so I will see how I do! I wonder if will be any less or maore bulky than my Fersen??
Please keep it and use it Sunshine! That bag is just so amazing, and of course, the charms, hehe. I can see you carrying it, you are so chic and beautiful and it's so perfect for you for summer. :yes: :heart: