Cabas Questions

  1. Good morning Ladies *waves*,

    I'm thinking of getting a gorgeous Cabas and have a few questions for you.

    Is the bag heavy? Does the chain sit comfortably on the shoulder? What are the pros and cons of the bag? I haven't spoken to the boutique here in Amsterdam but am thinking of either the bronze or the caviar leather (if they have them in stock). Any opinions on these colours?

    Sorry for all the questions. Thanks!

    Cal :flowers:
  2. i have the bronze and i love it....
  3. Thanks melovepurse!

    Also, is it durable enough for every day use? I'd be getting rid of 2 Bals to put toward it - my thinking is that I can always get another Bal down the line (next year).
  4. i have the white coco cabas.

    Its not that heavy but the leather is thick and smells great. Its a versatile bag that can be worn everyday.

    The two chain straps aren't that heavy but i don't really carry alot of items in my bag anyway.

    It's a great bag and i won't hesitate to recommend ppl to buy it
  5. I don't know...I've bought mine unseen and it should arrive this week !!!
    But all the girls here are saying it's such a great bag ...
    I suppose I haven't take too many risk ;)
  6. FromParis - what colour did you get? Did you get it directly from Chanel?
  7. I have it in 2 colors and about to get my third..need I say more?
    I have never used a bag this much.even in rain!
  8. I have the black one. I love it. I don't think it's heavy unless I try to put too much in it. The chain strap doesn't bother me either.

    I wish I could afford another.

  9. I just got mine yesterday and I love it. It's black caviar and I'm sure the leather is going to be very durable. I wore it out yesterday and it was very comfy on my shoulder, without slipping off at all. I'm not crazy about heavy bags either, and I definitely didn't think it was too heavy. You should go for it!
  10. How do you all feel about the white color? Is the white too high maintenance?? I would like to get white since it's a great color for spring/summer but I am worried about getting it all messed up, and I do have a one year old. What do you all think?
  11. Sappho, I've got 2 toddlers and as much as I love looking at white bags, I could never buy one. I did have a white chloe and as much as I loved the look of it, I was terrified of wrecking it. I got one scratch on it and had to sell it, I was too paranoid.

    (and I'm also a grub)
  12. Yeah, that is why I have been making excuses as to why I shouldn't get one. I really want a light colored bag for spring and can't decide on which one! I am starting to feel desperate! I like the cabas because it has that slouchy, casual look to it. Ahhh! Don't know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  13. I have the khaki (bronze) cabas and LOVE it. It's extremely light for the size - I'm used to MJ/Chloe, not so much Balenciaga - and it goes with EVERYTHING. I don't even have to think about coordinating outfits with it, it's fantastic. My only complaint is that there are two chain handles and one tends to slide off my shoulder if I'm layered up.
  14. not heavy at all! I love my black one I've been using it all the time. It's a great size for me and holds a lot.