Cabas question- this one may be a dumb question...

  1. OK, so the ORIGINAL cabas has the large CC logo and no quilting on the bottom???
    Are they going to have more of these or are they all quilted now?
    I have searched the posts and reference library but I am still:confused1:
  2. There are so many rumors floating around about the cabas. SA's across the US seem to be saying different things.

    I've heard they were re-releasing the original cabas for fall. They have the Brooklyn Cabas now too which is flatter than the baby cabas.
  3. What I'v heard here in Europe is that the orginal one will not come back. Only the two diffrent sizes of the baby cabas. That is confirmed with Vienna, Bruxelles, London and two different stores in Paris. Yes, I called around a bit ;)
  4. i have heard that stores are getting in the cabas with the quilted bottom in the smaller size in black and in bronze (khaki) which is now $1995 - i spoke to 4 different stores here in the US.