cabas piano

  1. Hi all!
    I have a question. I just bought a Cabas Piano (have wanted one for ages) and I would like to try to keep the bottom of the bag as nice as possible. I have the petite bucket, speedy 25 and the bh, but they all have mono bottoms or feet. Any suggestions?
  2. There is nothing you can do to save the leather at the bottom of your Piano. but you could spray it with some shiney money spray to protect it.GOOD LUCK
  3. never ever ever put it down!! ha ha. just kidding. maybe try some leather protectant?? good luck.
  4. There is a thread on cleaning your lv. The pf member gives a list of the products that work for protectiog and cleaning your handbag, I printed off that information for future use. Also check out the thread on using olive oil. Both have helpful information. I am waiting on the arrival of my cabas piano and have wanted one for years as well and finally decided to purchase one. Hope this helps. If you cannot find the information let me know and I will find them for you.
  5. Congrat's on the piano bag. Be sure to never put it down on the floor or anywhere unless you set it on something.
  6. Congrats on the Piano! It's a great bag.
  7. aw i love the cabas piano!
  8. Congrats! Pics???