Cabas Piano...

  1. How do people feel about the Cabas Piano? I just bought it today but cant decide if i should keep it. I wanted a everyday shoulder bag. Thanks!
  2. It's a great and functional bag... congrats! :biggrin:
  3. It's a nice bag, but I would never buy it because of the vachetta on the bottom. I would be too anal about getting it dirty.
  4. ooooh i really like this one. it has a great shape!
  5. i own one and it is the most practical bag i own. if it wasn't for my recent purchase of a neo cabby, i'd probably still be carrying it.
  6. Too much vachetta. Looks nice and practical but I wouldnt get one. High maintenance IMO:tdown:
  7. It's amazing for everyday and I love the ziptop which is a huge plus for me. Just keep an eye on the vachetta bottom and you'll be fine!
  8. I've always wanted one since it came out, just never got around to buying one...some day though....
  9. its really cute, but not so into all the vachetta. other great everday shoulder bags would be the BH or neverfull.
  10. I love this bag, but I'm nervous about the vachetta bottom. That is why my goal is to have one specially ordered in Damier :nuts:
  11. i had a cabas mezzo once, which is a larger version of cabas piano (kinda) haha, anywayz i loved it more then anything, its so functional...i regret giving it away :sad:
  12. It's beautiful bag congrats.
  13. This bag is a really is a great everyday bag...had one and used it for about 2 years...!:tup:
  14. do you care for the vachetta on yours? Thanks!
  15. Great bag!!

    ITs wonderful, aside from the bottom. that is the only issue, but if take care of it you'll be ok.

    It carries a ton.... and still light :smile: