Cabas piano

  1. Who has one and how do you like it. I'm thinking of getting one. because I really don't like how my batignolles has no zipper on top.
  2. that is going to be my next bag actually.
  3. Well you'll probably get it before me.. please share pics when you do. ;)
  4. I am on a buying moratorium till I pay for the onslaught of bags I purchased last month. maybe it will be a race!
  5. I have one. I loved it until....the batignolles horizontal. Nothing can take the place of that bag. The Piano is a classy bag. Its clean looking and easy to carry. The negative is that the bottom is Vachetta leather and you really have to be careful. It also does not hold as much as you would think. I believe its because the bag is so structured. The bat hor is open on the top but when you carry it there are no gaps and you cannot see whats in your bag or for that matter reach in and get something. I have never seen a bag so well designed. Go to the store and try on each and put your stuff in them. I do that all the time (The SAs have no problem with it). You have a little one and trust me, with my four year old I can throw all kinds of things in it and its light as a feather. The cabas piano I can only get my things in and I have to carry an extra bag for baby.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Kylie--try the babylone!! No vachetta bottom, holds a lot, and looks great!
  7. last saturday i was torn between the cabas piano and the BH. i tried on both on the LV store and ii loved the BH! The shape of this bag is special and it doesn't really matter that it has no zipper.
    I bought it. But i have to admit it was a hard decision. But since i wanted a bigger bag i went for that one :smile:
  8. Yeah selena I have the Batignolles horizontal.. too and i use it as a baby bag.. and I can just throw everything in.. but sometimes I feel like someone behind me can just stick there hand in it and grab my wallet.. that's why I always put my wallet in first under everything else. I just like the zipper of the cabas, I have to see it IRL first.
    thanks.. BTW mail should be here in 2 hours then I'm shippin out your new purchase!!!!
  9. If I don't change my mind again, this will be my next bag. I've been going back and forth being Chanel cambon line or Cabas piano. They are completely different, I know.. but right now, I can only afford one new purse, so I have to decide which one I like best.
  10. I have the damier chelsea and it's awesome for babystuff and has a zipper. It's bigger than the batignolles though... just a thought!;)
  11. Try the Babylone. It does hold a lot but it's structured and has a thin profile. It also has longer straps to accomadate jackets and sweaters. I think you'll like it.
  12. Thanks I cant wait!! :smile: Too bad it has to sit for 8 months! :cry:
  13. I like the look of the Cabas Piano better but the Batignolles holds more.
  14. I bought the cabas piano from ebay and I love it. It is well patina-ed and I only had to pay $400. so it was an easy decision. If I was only going to buy new I would not buy the cabas because of the bottom. I can't be that careful with my bags and the used one I bought was owned by someone who was very protective of their bag until it was well seasoned. I know what you mean about a zippered bag though, I prefer that people can't see into my private space.
  15. I think this is a great bag. It's classy and isn't seasonal. You can't go wrong with it!