Cabas Piano vs. Poppincourt Haut


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Feb 22, 2006
okay girls. i need your help. i'm so confused. although i really love the cabas piano and it's classic look, the poppincourt haut seems like the perfect size for me. but the cabas isn't that much bigger than the PH, is it? i dunno. i'm 4'11"...that's short. so i can't carry too big of a bag. i have a 2 yr. old son and another on the way so i need a roomy bag to carry all my things along with some of theirs. what do you guys think?
Both are nice and about the same size. The straps on the PH are longer and easier to get on your shoulder over a coat. The downside to the CP is the bottom. Because it is leather it stains easily I would be carefull with it.
I prefer the Popincourt, mostly because I have one, but also the vachetta bottom would just drive me nuts ! I'm pretty small too, 5' and I find that the popincourt isn't overly large, plus the straps are adjustable so you can lengthen or shorten them. If it's just down to the two, maybe you can just take some time out and try them on at the boutique ?
I debated on this and decided to go with Cabas. I like the minimal detailing and classic look of it. I agree though that the bottom vachetta could be a problem, but I'm going to treat it so hopefully it won't get too bad. I plan to baby it!
i can't choose. maybe i should get both? haha. no, the hubby will think i really lost it. i guess i'll go to the LV boutique later this evening and try them on. my only consider about the cabas at this point is the vachetta at the bottom. maybe it'll be okay since i never lay my bags on the floor. that's a big rule for me.