Cabas Piano - Side Ripple

  1. I've been carrying my new Cabas Piano for about a week and the contents are equally distributed inside.

    Looks like it's rippling or sagging on one side (left side of bag in picture). IS THIS NORMAL?

  2. do you have a lot in it?
    it might just be because its new, the canvas does soften up with use.
  3. I've had Piano for couple years, I think that's normal...will get softer feel too!
  4. yep thats normal :smile:
  5. Don't worry, it's normal! And it still looks beautiful, it's a really great bag.
  6. Totally normal. The Cabas is slouchy that way. I notice that the replica Cabas are more rigid, so stand proud that you're carrying an authentic, slouchy Cabas :tup:.
  7. I think it looks great with a bit of "slouch" .. :tup:
  8. Yep.. absolutely normal! Mine always looks like that. And like someone said, it will get more supple with age and the "ripple" will get more pronounced.. I like it, the fakes haven't managed to duplicate it! lol