Cabas Piano question

  1. I bought a cabas piano from elux several months ago and only kept it for a day, I was just too intimidated by all that vachetta on the bottom and I returned it. I decided I'd eventually get a used one with a nice patina already developed.

    So my question is: is the vachetta on the bottom supposed to be all one piece? I have seen it this way, but I have also seen it in more than one piece, like a large rectangle piece and two triangle pieces. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thanks so much!!
  2. hi! i have the cabas mezzo. and it's one piece! here's a thought for you- don't be so afraid of the vachetta on the bottom. its what makes the bag. and its very strong and durable. ' all the greatness of louis vuitton'

    good luck on your search.
  3. I did finally get over my fear of new vachetta with my speedy. But I bought my batignolles used and loved that instant patina. So I'd really like to find a used piano that is in excellent condition and the lower price would be nice too. I just need to find out about that bottom piece, whether it is one solid piece or not. Maybe on the older bags it was more than one piece?
  4. My alto has 3 pieces, and looking around on ebay, many that are from good sellers have looks like they switched to one piece around 03 or 04, right about the time they discountinued the alto.
  5. I have a Cabas Piano, date code from 2003, and the vachetta base is in 3 pieces of leather--the long rectangular part and the 2 end pieces that look triangular on the ends.
  6. I think I like the 3-piece look better, for some reason.

    Thanks all!