cabas piano prices

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  1. I was looking at cabas piano on ebay and I'm not sure how much I want to pay. It seems that bags about 5 years old with no stains are half price of the new one (450 or so?)...Is it worth it and how long can this bag last?

    I don't want to spend so much on a bag that will fall apart soon. I've only bought new stuff so far.
  2. Well i don't know how long the bag will last but i think this is a good bag to buy second hand do to the vachetta. You save alot of money also

  3. I didn't purchase mine off ebay, but did get it used. I paid $600 with shipping included for it and the bag looks brand new honestly. It is a few years old, but was hardly used at all, the vachetta isn't too light but it isn't dark either, its just perfect. I'm not sure how long the bag would last, but I'd say that would depend on how much you actually use it. I know there are a lot of LV bags out there that are 10 years and older and still look decent!!!!:heart:
  4. It seems a lot of the used ones have water spots on the bottom, is that pretty easy to do on these types?
  5. Unfortunately, since the bottom is vachetta it is pretty easy to get waterspots and marks on it. But over time the vachetta will darken and they won't be noticeable. I've also heard a lot about using babywipes on the vachetta to help even the spots out.