Cabas Piano owners

  1. Hi! Been doing some research and am quite interested in Cabas Piano now. Could you tell what you think of it?
  2. its a very practical bag. i love mine and it carries a lot too.
  3. I want one too. It's been on my wish list forever. I'm just not ready to pay that much for that bag. Hoever, I do think it is a classic bag with nice lines and a good size. I like its simpliciy. Hopefully some day...
  4. I love that bag. I'd go with the alto personally but i've tried it on and borrowed my aunts for a week to see if i wanted to buy one. No complaints here besides the vachetta bottom.
  5. great shoulder bag, perfect for everyday. Not heavy and straps are comfy.
  6. i think it's a cute everyday bag!
  7. I love's extremely functional and holds tons! Classic piece!
  8. i have and love it, its just the right size to run errands
  9. I love my cabas piano it was my first LV! Holds a lot, pretty, practical, so functional, comfortable, and the vachetta is gorgeous.. even though it has some use shown on the bottom, I still love it! U will love this bag if u decide to get it!
  10. I don't have one but I reckon it looks like an awesome everyday bag!
  11. I've seen it on some ladies and I think it's gorgeous! Only worry is the vachetta base. In fact, I'm thinking of getting either this or the BH.
  12. SO: Cabas Piano in damier would be HOT! The only way I'd get one was if it was in damier since the vachetta leather would bother me to get it dirty.
  13. The Cabas Piano is a wonderful bag. It's a little small for my needs but everyone raves about it constantly and I see it around town all the time. I think that you'd probably enjoy owning one since most people seem to. The zippered top is a major plus.
  14. I love mine. I really like the size and the zipped top. I also have a BH but the straps are a bit long for me and i can't relax with the open top. The cabas is smaller but the space is more efficient because of the shape of the BH and the sides i can't put much more in it
  15. I love mine. I went back and forth with it for awhile - I wanted one for years but couldn't get over the vachetta bottom. When I got it, I actually toyed with selling it because the bottom made me antsy - but one day something in my just said "eff it" - and I'm glad I did. The bottom has developed a beautiful light honey patina - and though of course there are little marks on it, they don't look bad - they actually give the bag great character. As for the structure of the bag, I love it - I love the cell phone pocket especially! It's a great everyday bag - comfy on the shoulder - my favorite winter bag, goes great over coats. Definitely a winner in my book ;)