Cabas piano owners: how are your nerves?

  1. I've been toying with selling my cabas piano not because I don't love it, but because every time I put it down there's another little mark! I get SO anxious with carrying it :sweatdrop: - and for that, I haven't carried it in a good 3 months. But I love it!!! It sits on my bag rack so pretty and I just love it! It's got a nice, warm honey patina - but I guess I'm anal? The bottom has a small pen mark on it that I have no IDEA how it got there, and little scuffs - it just pisses me off! And it looks SO great when I try it on with certain outfits - but then I decide not to wear it because of all the hazardous situations it could be put in, like going on the floor :yucky:. Should I just throw in the towel and sell it? Or should I just keep her because she is BEAUTIFUL and such a useful bag with the cell phone pocket and everything - I'm stuck!!!

    I think I may take her out tonight to class and then dinner - we'll see how it goes :shame:
  2. Maybe you should sell it and replace it with a damier piece? They're much easier to care for. I wanted a piano too but the bottom made me change my mind.
  3. I know it's hard, but you have to try and think of any marks as character :smile:

    Also the more it patina's the less it will mark. Also, you can treat the bottom with a protector and that will help while it patina's.

    If you are still too nervous too carry it, I would sell it, if you can't enjoy the bag...why keep it?
  4. I had those issues when deciding the bag, but i bought it used so there was no worries.
    I love the bag and i'm sure someday *might* replace it but for now I have other sites since i've just been using my Noe since i got it.

    Like you, i'm the same way with my mc alma. I tend to put it on a chair on my jacket. If there is no space for it then my lap. As for the piano i'd hang it on the back of your chair and put your sweater or coat over it.
  5. ^
    What she said.
  6. I don't have a Piano, but I just got a Trotteur, which is like a mini Piano with the same vachetta bottom.
    Every time I use it there are new tiny scratches on it but today I was able to get some of them out with leather conditioner. It was weird... they were very shallow scratches and came right out. Of course the deeper ones are still there though.
    I used to want a Piano or a Mezzo but I've had enough with the Trotteur bottom already to Just Say No! Maybe... Argh.
  7. you could always get the vavin gm or the bv.
  8. If you're spending more time stressing over marks on the bag then you are enjoying the bag, then it's probably time to part company with it.

    I have a very simple philosophy about LV. It's supposed to bring me joy, make me smile and be a part of my life not alter it to the point that I spend the day freaked out that it will rain or someone will bump into me. I don't want to worry about watermarks, etc. so I only own Damier and am now considering adding an epi piece. And I can honestly say, when I spilled dippin' dots on the Damier Salsa at a hockey game I just wiped them off and didn't think a minute about it. :smile:
  9. I agree..I have the Mezzo and yeah it does have a couple marks on the bottom but it's slowly been patina-ing evenly (with NO treatment whatsoever) and looking more gorgeous every day.
    But if you're going to spend all day worrying if your bag might get a mark, then it's probably something you shouldn't have.
    I'd suggest a Batignolles instead.
  10. I am the very proud owner of a lockit horizontal and I am sure careful with it. It is tanning in the window each day and I will not take it out of the house until it gets a little protection tan..I am anal and love the bag to bits...and yes my LH is staying indoors this winter...I figure it can get a good tan in the window and be ready for know you are anal when...I carry my groom pouchette wallet in it's dust cover inside my speedy...keep your cabas and get a daimer for winter that is what I am considering...vachette is the best part of the mono canvas IMO...keep it you may miss sound attached...
  11. So I used my cabas today - and it was really nice. She really has an absolutely gorgeous patina and the bottom is NOT that bad. Pics for ya'll:

    It's funny, with all my other bags I am NOT careful - I just throw them around :Push: . For some reason with the cabas it is just nerve wracking - but today I tried to carry it and just not care and it was nice, plus it looked really nice :P

    Ah, okay - I'm gonna keep it. It seriously is just a bag and I'm really not one to baby my stuff - I think that's why I've been so nervous - because I am NOT the kind of person who should EVER be allowed to own a bag with this much vachetta :lol:
  12. glad you're going to keep it, gorgeous friend wants to get one too, was yours made in USA or France? She wanted one made in France but the store didn't have it and wouldn't order one for her?!?
  13. Lol the bottom of my Mezzo looks almost exactly like that, and it's about 2 years old! I use mine quite often, from traveling to school and it's still gorgeous. :smile:
  14. Your Cabas is fabulous and the bottom looks great!
  15. LVbabydoll, mine's about 2 years old too :smile:

    Evil, mine's USA.